10 Instagram Hacks to increase Likes, Comments & Followers

Instagram hacks

I am obsessed with Instagram. I must say, Instagram has been a major part of my Blogging Business, as it brings more traffic daily to my blog. With some clear strategies and researches that you can call Instagram hacks, I have able to increase my followers up-to 24,000+ and it has brought more unique visitors daily to my blog Twenties and Lifestyle.

I hustle every day to research trending hashtags, photography tricks to make an eye pleasing Instagram feed and attract new followers to my Instagram account @Kiyashmi. It was not easy but it was super fun when I saw my Instagram notification with 50+ Likes, 50+ Followers, and comments. I understand that not everyone has the idea of the scientific algorithm behind Instagram Growth, So today I will be sharing 10 Instagram Hacks to Increase the engagement of your account.

Instagram hacks

10 Major Instagram Hacks to Increase Followers:

Hack #1: Speak about your life

It is important to give a reflection of your real life to your Instagram. Yes, you should. Nobody is interested in some lame selfies with an out-of-nowhere caption. Take a look at all the influencers who have thousands of followers with great engagement. I bet you can’t skip without scrolling down and down….their feed looks so awesome :). Why do you keep loving them..because- They have brought their real life to Instagram with photographs of their daily lives. You care what they actually are and love to see what they are actually doing. Be it Travel or Fashion or anything creative beyond the boundary.

Instagram hacks Instagram hacks

Hack #2: Hashtag the location and brand

If you have been following me on Instagram, you may have seen few frequently used hashtags on my pictures:

#Northeastblogger #Indianblogger #Twentiesandlife #Assam #thoughtsoftwenties

Instagram hacks

Why I do that?? Because.. those people who want to see pictures of my place or meet a blogger from my place will land on my pictures and yes, I will probably have a new follower. Finding a perfect hashtag to use on your photo is difficult. But. I hope I have made your work easy with my last post:

How to gain Instagram followers using hashtags.

Instagram hacks

Hack #3: Write a long caption

Instagram has become the microblogging platform where you can share a little story in the caption area. I will be honest… I never used a long caption as I was too clumsy to write it. But once I wrote a few of my pictures, I have become a fan of long captions. Yes, people love to read your informative or interesting stories. So, why not?? Tell them the untold story behind the picture and give it some value. It is a recent and a popular trend among all the Instagram hacks.

Instagram hacks

Hack #4: Use line breaks

Can you read a long paragraph of Instagram with no line breaks?? I mostly skip those posts because I do not find them attractive or I think it is too time-consuming. If you do not want to scare people with a long box of text, use line breaks in your caption. You can even use some symbol or emojis to make it look better. I am a big fan of  Black Dot Symbol, “Black Love Symbol”, “The Roses” and Definitely the “Star”. 

Instagram hacks

Hack #5: @Tag a Brand

Are you obsessed with #ootd?? Yayy..me too :)… Tagging the Brands you wear in the photo definitely has proven Instagram engagement. Sometimes, the Brand can repost your picture to appear them in their feed and you will get a great Instagram exposure.

#ootd and #potd are two strongest hashtags on Instagram. If you add up the spice of Brand tag into it, your picture can definitely go viral on Instagram.

Instagram hacks

Instagram hacksInstagram hacks


Hack #6: Be active and Social

Yes… you need to. I have been shouting this point loud since my very first post on Instagram Growth which is a proven Instagram hack all the time. Instagram is a social media account and you need to be social. The purpose of using Instagram is to increase engagement and followers. If you do not reply to the comments, it seems like you do not appreciate their engagement on your picture. It sounds robotic when you reply simply thanks to a beautiful long comment…it can leave the worst impression on your follower list. As they invested their time to write such a beautiful comment, it is time for you to reciprocate. Leave an attractive reply and tell them that you appreciate their engagement.

Instagram hacks

Hack #7: Tag Brands on Instagram Story

Brands are using Instagram Stories as their marketing platform. Being an influencer, I have been asked to add Instagram stories along with my Instagram post. Instgram Stories: the little secret is gold and currently the most effective Instagram hack. When you tag a brand in your Instagram Stories, they will get a notification in their Direct Message and thus you can increase your Instagram engagement rate.

Hack #8: Pictures with Blue-ish filter

The Secret Instagram Hack: The Blue color goes with the color stream of Instagram and it performs better than grain or vintage ones. Yes, it has been proven in Recent Research with powerful examples. The peaceful effect of the color makes more people engage in it.

I was not able to believe it first..but my pictures with sky or in a blue dress eventually perform better than other ones.

Instagram hacks

Hack #9: Include some Engaging words in your caption

Have you seen your favorite influencer asking about your new year resolution in 2018 these days?? Yes right …?? They are playing correctly with the Instagram hacks to increase followers. If you want to do the same, start a conversation in your caption and ask your followers an easy and interesting question. The Instagram community love to be engaged and share their stories. By asking a question, you let them know that you are interested to know your followers too…and they are not just a number for you.

Hack #10: Share your Instagram post on other platforms

Last but definitely not the least… once you post on your Instagram, you are not done. Share your Instagram post on other Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Your audiences differ from platform to platform and if you share your Instagram post on your Twitter…Heck!! Some of your Twitter Followers may be your Instagram followers too. Instagram hacks


Important: Do not compare your followers number with others. There is a larger number of them too. Rather than, look at their account and analyze what smart card they are playing. Comparing the number of followers will make you depress and nothing else.

Hope you have found this Instagram hacks helpful. If you liked it, I will appreciate a share or a pin!! Overall if you have some solid strategies to follow, you will be surely successful to grow your Instagram account… and I am sure it will definitely be a number larger than me :)

If you want to be notified of new Instagram hacks and free tools to grow your account, subscribe to my blog today :). I promise, I never let down my readers.


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  1. It was very helpful, I just started blogging as well and trying to organically grow my social media. These tips are great! :)

    1. Hey Karen, thank you so much.
      Yes, social medias are powerhouse of traffic for our blogs. For me, a huge credit goes to Instagram as it brings unique visitors daily. Try out these tips and I am sure you will gain a huge number of followers. :)
      Connect with me via Instagram.. I am super excited to see the growth of your Insta account. :)

  2. This is great info! I didn’t know that engagement tip about tagging brands in your story. Very great secret to share, thanks! I also want to add that you can use Linkify.Bio (https://www.linkify.bio) for providing all of your important links through your single IG/Twitter bio link! It’s also free and provides a quick, nice, mobile-friendly page. Another great “hack”. Thanks again!

    1. Hey Kelvin!! Such a good information :). Thank you so much. I loved the idea of Linkify…I honestly had no idea about it. Thank you so much for sharing. I am definitely gonna use it from today itself.
      I am so glad that you loved my post… Well yes, I struggled so much to gain a quality of followers with good quantity. Finally I figured out these tips :)
      Keep reading :)

  3. Your blog is amazing, it already helped me a lot! Keep up the great work, you’re very talented and creative. =)

    1. Love !!
      I am so glad to have you in my Blogging family. Thank you so much dear.. Your comments make my day all the time :) I am going to publish another informative post today for newbies… :). Hope you will love it. Keep reading !!

  4. Great article! My IG followers have hovered around the same number for a few months now. These are great tips…thank you!

    1. Thank you dear @yummylittlethings.
      For bloggers and influencer, it is so important to have a great number of social media follower. And these practical ways always work.
      Keep loving dear :)

  5. *This web site is really a walk-through for all of the info you wanted about this and didn?t know who to ask. Glimpse here, and you?ll definitely discover it.

    1. OMG!! Thank a lot Steve!! I am soo glad it helped :).

  6. really excellent and informative tips.
    Which I did not get before. I’ll get a lot of help.

    Because I need to follow my Instagram।

    1. You definitely should. You can totally visible difference. Thank you for stopping by. :)

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