21 Things I Have Learned As A 21 Years Old Lady

21 things

A scene of a monsoon evening: It is raining outside and I am almost done with preparing my cup of green tea (Yep, I am being totally myself and I always prefer green tea in the evening). I have decided to make a flavored one and dropped few mint leaves, I wanted to make the last day of my 21 a little more special. It is still raining and I sat near my bedroom window to enjoy the peace of rain. As the droplets of the rain started falling on the ground I realized that the days have passed happily with me wherever my ship sailed.21 things

I have found myself while being 21 and it has been one of the toughest years of my life. My father went through medical treatment and many family issues arrived, uncovered my true friends and accepted life is all about changes, fell over a man and cried many nights locking myself in a room. Am I going to share all my sad stories with you today? Of course NO, the turning point has arrived when I hit my most waited bucket list of the 20’s: I made a luxurious stay in India’s leading hotel brand Vivanta By Taj with my own earnings, I purchased my first ever DSLR, I cracked my dream job as a Mechanical Engineer and finally landed on an international sponsored trip as a travel blogger.

These things were not easy. So, today I am going to share 21 things that I have learned as a 21 years old lady. If you are in your twenties or going to hit soon, I believe this post will help you somewhere on this roller coaster ride.

21 Things I Have Learned As A 21 Years Young Woman

  1. Sometimes the best thing you can do is walk away. It may be very hard, but extremely necessary for you to move forward.
  2. People who are meant to be in your life will take time for you like you always do to keep your favorite ones. Accept the change if someone is leaving.
  3. If you are having a bad day, spend time with your hobby. Making a dreamcatcher often heals me.
  4. Self-love is the key, if you cannot love yourself you can love nobody.
  5. Stress and anger work against your health. Try to control them as much as possible.
  6. Human intuition is the superpower. Follow your intuitions and you will never regret.
  7. One of the worst mistake a woman can make is wasting years of her life waiting for a man to change or grow up. Honey, you are enough for yourself.
  8. It is okay not to carry the mask that everyone loves. Enjoy being yourself and keep people around who let you be.
  9. A small text, smilies or a warm hug can fix everything. If you know it can relieve you, drop your ego and do it.
  10. Develop a habit of saving money. I swear, it will bring a huge change to your life.
  11. If something happens unexpected accept the fact that everything happens for a reason, and a very good reason.
  12. Stop blaming others and making excuses. It only leads to temporary relieve and overnight stress.
  13. Your health is important, this is what you are going to carry for rest of your life. Start developing healthy habits.
  14. Be deaf to criticisms. The less you ignore, the more peaceful your life will be. And if somebody truly wants to improve you, they will speak it in front of you, not behind your back.
  15. Take risks, you are too young to play safe. It is okay to take time to discover what you actually are.
  16. I understand life sucks sometimes but I am sure the pain of your 16 years old doesn’t hurt you anymore. Pain is temporary.
  17. Be social, this is our age to learn and grow. Stay active in social media, read newspapers, talk to people and keep learning.
  18. Accept failure. It is totally okay to fail but giving up should never be an option.
  19. Learn to say “No”. In fact, practice it more often. You are not here to entertain everyone.
  20. When you find yourself stuck in the middle of somewhere, try to get out without anyone’s help. Most of the time we don’t realize that we are still paying the price of that help unknowingly.
  21. And finally, stop thinking too much about your future. Else you will miss the most beautiful days of your life. Instead, get things done with a soulful heart and a smart head.

Wrote my heart out today… I hope you can connect with my words as well as how it feels to be a 21 years old woman. Tomorrow I am going to blow my 22nd candle and welcome a new year. I have no doubt that this year will be filled up with endless life lessons and experiences. And guess what? I will have a new birthday post to share with you.

Now, let me hug 21 years old me for the last time. Thanks for helping me to discover myself, happy birthday to me :)





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6 Replies to “21 Things I Have Learned As A 21 Years Old Lady”

  1. I CAN FEEL THIS. You truly is a strong lady. Keep it up dear. So proud of you and glad we connected..

    1. Thank you so much, dear. I am glad too. Hope to support each other always :)

  2. Boom!!! These are the steps every young lady (and men as well) must follow. This was really interesting. I kept on reading it in a flow.

    Keep on delivering such kind of stuff.
    Good luck.


    1. Thank you so much love!!
      I am so happy that you could connect… Sure, I will write more of it :)Keep loving.

  3. The advice you’ve shared is so valuable and definitely applicable to most, if not every age. Even at 17 years old I know I should be following many of the lessons you outlined! Great post and wishing you a fabulous 22nd birthday. Xx

    Lulu | https://lululostinthought.blogspot.com/

    1. Thank you so much, I wrote my heart out… I just really hope that everyone stands strong during these sensitive ages. :)
      Thank you for cheering me up!!

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