3 effective ways to earn some extra money for this Christmas

I am too excited to explain you all these!! Hello readers, welcome to my new blog post. Before jumping on the topic, let me tell you something. If you are a college girl like me, cheers!! you are at the right place. I woke up in the morning today and saw the date, its 25th October. We exactly have only two moths to go for the Christmas party. Yaeeee !!! I am so excited :D . As Christmas is coming, best thing we can do is save as much as we can. Last year I was wondering how much money I can earn to play with. As that was the month of October I was searching for some quick ways to meet my Christmas budget. And surprisingly all those worked and I bought a big tree and partied with my friends and family. Let me share with all those tricks and platforms with you today.

Hold on guys,I am not going to share with you long term earning money techniques like blogging or vlogging. Those are is amazing , but it takes some time to establish yourself in those platforms. So I won’t recommend you to  use this platforms in hurry.  So, lets get educated with some trending and quick ways where you will be get paid for your talent and time.

1. Get paid via your facebook or Instagram: How can it be possible?? Exactly, this was the first question came to my mind too. But Ambassador made it all easy. Ambassador is a flexible program where you can work with thousands of renowned brands and join their campaigns. You are gonna help those marketers as an ambassador to bring traffic to their sites using your own social media platforms. And in return, you will be paid with a huge amount. The best thing about this website is that they provide a small demo before get into this platform. And it is extremely helpful.So, rather than just scrolling down our FB an Insta feed, lets earn few bucks for this Christmas. To get access, click on the link below.

Be Ambassador of top brands and earn above $100


2. Get partnered with some brand Via Izea: How many time you spend on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter? I can’t count mine. I spend hours!!! Now I spend less time and get paid for that time too. There are millions of new brands in this globe who seek for your support to grow. You will get paid for promoting their products in your own account and they will pay you for that.Because you bring traffic to their sites and they make sells from them.Now, question is how will you get connected with brands?? well Izea has been playing excellent role in connecting influencers with brands. Maximum number of established bloggers  recommend this platform to reach several brands. So, start earning some extra money from today itself. To get access, just click on the link below

Be an ambassador at Izea and earn above $100

3 . Wear for them: Whenever I buy a new dress, I click a picture and post it #newwardrobecollection. Brands out there want you to do the same for them and they will pay you with a huge amount. I love Glambasador in this regard. Most of the campaigns pay above $100 and it is super easy to use. To earn more, try to access the VIP      membership. They provide it at very low cost and campaigns pay almost about $500. I guess a little one time                investment is worthy enough in front of this big revenue. To access this, click on the link below.

Glambassador.co : A blogging network

Have you chosen your platform to earn some extra money ?? Get ready with a pen and paper and prepare your Christmas Budget’17 today. 



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