3 proved ways to grow your Instagram profile


Hello friends!!Here’s another blog post for you to give you some real and proved tricks to grow your Instagram profile.It is a pretty amazing platform where you can share your photos,videos and even stories of your life to the world. Another best thing Instagram provides is you can actually make a huge fan and go viral among people.
For arts and entertainment industry,I guess this platform is the best to use.For example,models are using this as a stepping stone to launch their career,Photographers are getting work via Instagram,Bloggers are going viral and many more.

I won’t talk about others but I want to share my experience with you.Two years back I had NO idea about Instagram.I didn’t know to use that,nobody was following me,hardly got 10-15 likes and yeah got depressed by seeing profiles of some people who are growing amazing network using Instagram.Then I started to do research on it,what are the strategies behind making such a successful network on it.Finally I found out those and implemented on my profile.Today I am a “Instagirl” with 22.4k real followers who like what I share on my Instagram and encourage me to grow more and more.

So,welcome to the journey.Before starting let me tell you there are thousands of ways to make a huge followers on Instagram. I tried out more than enough but not everything worked with me as I am a normal college girl.
Today I am gonna share with you three ways to grow your Insta account that actually helped me a lot to reach out from 0 to 22.4k followers.
Well friends you are just few steps away to be #instfamous.
Step 1:
Stick out with one niche :

I did the same mistake at the beginning like you are doing. I tried out drawing but failed, became a make up lover and again failed.Now I think I did the foolish thing ever, how am I supposed to grow my Instagram account by posting something where am not good at.Why people will follow me if I have random messy things in my account and people cannot figure out what will be the benefit of following me.
Wake up guys, it is the time to discover yourself.Are you good at drawing,singing,photography,cooking,eating whatever it is.Just stick to it.You may not know photography but know how to pose in front of camera, you may not know cooking, but a big fan of different food cuisines. Trust me friends,all will work. It may take time to reach people in this community but switching your niche won’t take you anywhere.
Look here,I am a blogger and influence people towards lifestyle and travel. I post pictures that reflects my work- featuring my favorite places and some brand campaigns.

Step 2:
Don’t get tired of posting-
That’s one of the most important thing you should keep in mind. So now, as you have figured out what is your favorite niche you can post consistently.Because, we never get tired of doing what we love. Its not your 9am-5pm work. Its something that refreshes your mind and a kind of leisure work. Being consistent doesn’t mean that you should post 5 times a day.Just try to maintain the uniformity so that people feels your presence in Instagram community.

Step 3:
Use hastags-
Your anti-insta friend can tease you with your hastags saying that it looks tacky but take it easy!!Because your hastags play a really important role to grow your Instagram account.To find out appropriate hastags, look at your favorite Instagram account who follows the same niche. See what hastags he/she uses in pictures.Try to follow them and use same hastags that they use. Trust me, hastags are necessary to growth.

I am gonna give you my example.I uploaded this picture when I had no idea why should I use hastagas.I put some random and tumbs down. It didn’t work.

Now, look at this picture. I searched my favorite blogger’s account and followed some of their hastags. Can you see the difference??

Friends, try these tricks and have patience. I grew my Instagram account only within couple of months, may be a year. Don’t lose hopes.If you have something to entertain or people love to watch it, they will accept you anyhow.
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