5 useful ways to practice self care for a healthy life

There comes a time in our life when you lost ourselves in our cabin carrying too many work loads from 9 to 5. Even if we spend our day well, still not find it productive. It happens when we think too much about those stressful hours and forget to nurture our mind and body. Yes, self-care is important in order to accomplish the goals of our lives. If you think it is time consuming, let me tell you- it is not at all. If you have gone through my previous post Self-care routine out of your busy shedule, you might have understood the basics and importance of it. In fact self-care is a road which leads to utilize your time properly. So, over the past years I have practiced various strategies to have a “Perfectly fine day” with all my self care habits and today I am beyond excited to reveal it.

Top 5 useful ways to practice self care in your busy schedule

Early to bed and early to rise

Are you a person who works late night and sleeps at around 2 or 3 AM? It is time to change it. When you go to your bed lately at night and quickly have two or three bites of your meal and run to work in the morning, it is not a healthy habit. You need to sleep at least 6-7 hours in a day to live a healthy lifestyle. Does it sound tough? Let me help you. Divide your daily activities in a time schedule and try to follow that strictly. Take your lunch in time, do your works in time and most importantly go to your bed in time. Trust me, Nothing sends out good vibes like your organized  schedule.

Fix a morning exercise schedule

Exercising is a simple way to stay happy and energized and the morning air, makes it all easy. Fix a fitness schedule in the morning and sweat it out. Workout has a magical power to rule over our mood. I guarantee you will feel better and your body will thank you for that. If you have a workout schedule at night time or after your work, I suggest you to shift it to morning if you can. You will see a big difference and have your entire day to spend in other activities.

Have a healthy food habit

Your body reflects what you eat. And when you are so dedicated to pamper yourself, make sure you are taking care of your food habit too. No time for breakfast, quick-food at lunch and beer at night won’t lead you to a good health. Make a food routine and most importantly try to cook yourself. Include green vegetables and protein rich foods in your meals. A bowl of oatmeal-skimmed milk with a cup of green tea won’t take hours. You can definitely have your breakfast before heading to work. In fact if you can manage some time, you can make some healthy salads and chicken pieces for your lunch. I am not saying you to forget the taste of Mcdonald’s fries and burger, you can save it for your cheat day.

Work on your hobbies

Self care doesn’t only mean to stay physically fit, you need to be mentally healthy too. A bad mood can make a worst day of your life. So to make a happy mood, try to spend some time with yourself. Whenever you get some free time, draw a painting, make a DIY craft or just pamper your skin with some essential oils. At every step, just keep reminding yourself you are doing everything you wanted to do in your life and you’ve left nothing to regret.

Communicate with people

I may sound crazy but yes, communicating with people can help to improve your self care routine. I promise nothing good will come out if you stay silent sitting in your room or just keep scrollng down your Instagram feed. Talk to people, laugh with them and go out for a coffee. If your happy mood can make someone’s day there is nothing bad about it. It will also make you feel good about yourself.

If these strategies have excited you to discovering your healthiest lifestyle, start today. Don’t just invest time on making your life boring and depressed. You are gifted with this beautiful life, now it’s your turn to nurture it’s beauty. Welcome some new changes and share the happiness.

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