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Affiliate marketing

Are you confused about what exactly Affiliate Marketing is? Or you are using Affiliate Links since long but still not able to make any sale. When I Published my first Blogging Income Report people were asking about how I cracked the code of Affiliate Marketing and made my very first sale. You can earn like a Boss if you discover the ultimate secret strategies to use Affiliate links. So, I composed this easy to follow guide to get started with affiliate links and earn money through it.

Make Money Blogging- Part 2:

Well if you are a new visitor to Twenties and Lifestyle, you are most welcome to my Blog! :) To break the puzzle of Make Money Blogging I have come up with this Blog Post Series. I have broken down all the strategies and ways to Make Money Blogging in small-small parts for better understanding.Affiliate Marketing

Part-1 : Why Bloggers Fail And What They Should Do

Let’s move to the Part- 2 : Affiliate Marketing Secret Strategies

(I believe honesty is the major thing you need to develop as a Blogger. Every information I have used in this Blog/Blog post is real and I want to encourage all the aspiring and newbie Bloggers that, ” Make Money Online definitely works”. I am very inspired with people who land on my Blog and motivates me to continue with their words. :))

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is actually a promotional program offered by various companies or brands. You may have seen at the “Affiliate Program” in the footer section of many websites. When you Click on that and apply for an affiliate, you are given a unique referral link for every product you want to promote. When someone buys any product using your affiliate link, you get a small commission. The best thing about Affiliate Marketing is, even if someone buys other product using your Affiliate link, you will earn commission. Looks pretty simple? :) Let’s move on to the next part

Why Affiliate Marketing is a way to monetize your Blog

Even the definition of Affiliate Marketing is simple, it is not easy to generate leads. Let’s say if you have a referral link to a beauty product of Amazon and promoted it through your social media accounts. Why people will buy it?? Why they will click on your link if they can directly purchase it from Amazon. In these cases bloggers can play their cards. Because blogger have a platform to connect with audiences and make them believe on their words as well as on the product. Your head is gonna spin if you calculate the amount earned by Bloggers per month with Affiliate Marketing. It is huge…. I was able to earn around $30 with Affiliate links during last month. This month also, I am putting more effort to boost my income using this method. You have probably understood why you should be an Affiliate to Make Money Blogging.

5 Affiliate Marketing Terms You Should Know

Let’s brainstorm the knowledge of Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate : The person who joins the Affiliate Program of a company and helps them to generate sale with unique referral link is known as an Affiliate.

CPM: Cost Per Impression – Impression is the number of times a page loads. If your page contains 3 ads and for a one-page view, your each Affiliate display will get one impression. Advertisers generally pay for 1000 impressions.

Advertising rate: The percentage of commission you will earn with an affiliate link. It differs from product to product. For example, Amazon provides 4% Advertising rate for electronics item whereas 12% for Men’s apparel.

Affiliate Conversion Rate :

  • Lead generation: number of Leads Collected / Total Traffic to Site x 100 = Conversion Rate
  • Sales Number of Sales / Number of Visitors x 100 = Conversion Rate

RPM: Revenue per 1000 impressions.

Product Link Type :

  • Text with Image.

I am sure you have understood, what type of link you should use :).

Ultimate Strategies To Make Sales Using Affiliate Links

Yes, you need strategies to make sales with Affiliate links. I made mistakes that many new Bloggers make and that is why I thought Affiliate Marketing as out of my reach. But I was stubborn and not ready to give up…after 45 days, I made my first sale. It took 45 days for me to understand the algorithm of Affiliate Marketing and I definitely don’t want you to repeat the same mistakes I did.

And before moving forward I want to say you something very important. If you are about to Start a New Blog or still working on Free Hosting Blog, I suggest you go to Self-Hosting site. Because Of Free Hosting Platforms, your contents are controlled by the, not you. So sometimes they restrict you to use Affiliate links which is definitely a big loss for a Blogger. You are leaving thousands of dollar on the table by using Free hosting sites.

If you have not yet started a Blog and want to, I have a Step by Step Guide to Make a Blog in Less than an hour. If you want to convert your Free hosting site into a self-hosted, I honestly and truly recommend BluehostBluehost gives 24*7 comfortable Hosting at $3.45 per month with a FREE Domain, which is much lesser than any other hosting sites. Try Bluehost if you don’t want to miss this money you can make using Affiliate Links.

#Strategy 1: Go for a killer engaging content

You pick a product, copy the Affiliate link and publish it in your social media… it pains to say but, “Doesn’t work”. Use your creativity and turn the product description into a beautiful content. Tell people why they should buy that product with a creative Blog Post… that is the major algorithm of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

#Strategy 2: Highlight Your Affiliate Link

If you want to make sales, it is important to highlight your Affiliate links. You can use landing pages, an announcement With Hello-Bar, Or a cute simple free WordPress Plugin Pretty Link. Using these features to your Affiliate Products give more value to them and generate leads.

#Strategy 3: Do not endorse any product that you haven’t tried or loved

You have to be honest with your Audience. That is why bloggers are most successful Affiliates all the time…because, they can convince their audience to buy the products they love or useful. Your readers trust you, do not bluff by directing them to an uncertain product (products that you haven’t tried or you are not sure whether it is useful or not). Unfortunately, if your Affiliate products fail to fulfill customer’s expectation it will be a disaster for your Blog. For example, PeeSafe is one of my must-carry travel essential,  I am a beneficial customer of that product and I definitely want my readers to have one to improve hygiene. If you use Affiliate links to similar products with good ratings, go ahead…it won’t harm your Blog :).

Tip;): Are you happy with your New Smartphone?? Go and Blog it!! :).. There are millions of people who are willing to buy a new phone today and maybe they will land on your Blog buy the one you loved.

#Strategy 4: Link products to your niche

Very important!! Nobody is willing to buy a sewing machine when they land on my Blog right?? If I promote a Sewing machine with my Affiliate link, obviously I won’t make any sale. Because a sewing machine doesn’t go with my Blog niche. Your Affiliate sales depend on your audiences, so it is very very important to link products that go with your niche.

#Strategy 5: Promote-Promote-Promote

Your work is not done by creating a review Blog Post of your Affiliate Product, go and share as much as you can. Maybe the sales come from your friends, your followers or anyone who passes by.

#Strategy 6: Don’t stick with Amazon only.

The main reason behind the failure of my Affiliate Marketing was- I was certainly not aware of other Affiliate Programs and when I Googled the Best Affiliate Marketing sites, Amazon popped up at the very first. I am definitely not against Amazon, in fact, I am still using Amazon Affiliate link on my Blog. I am saying… Don’t limit yourself to Amazon only. There are many sites that pay very well to Affiliates and people love to buy from them. I am currently using :

If you want to promote a particular product, Google “Product name-Affiliate” and there will many options pop up.

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Affiliate Marketing

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Travel Affiliate network

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#Strategy 7: Don’t use your Affiliate link multiple times

While promoting an Affiliate Product in your Blog, don’t make it look spammy by using the Affiliate link multiple times. It may lead to negative impact and your readers will just think… “She just needs sales and throwing words”. Don’t let that happen..never.

#Startegy 8: Don’t hesitate to tell people “Yes!! This is my Affiliate link”

If your friend wants to buy a product, tell them to use your Affiliate link… is certainly okay to tell them that you are going to get a small commission if they do so. I shout out loud if my friend wills to buy a Domain and Hosting from Bluehost… I am like, hey wait!! Buy your Domain and Hosting using this link, because I am a beneficial customer of it.

Affiliate Marketing is not just an online thing, you can promote and make sales offline too. :)

#Strategy 9: Be patient.

Affiliate Marketing is not a get quick rich deal…you can not make money overnight with it. It takes time to explore new strategies and find out what is good for your Blog. Keep going with your contents and engagements. Practice makes people perfect…you will get there, I am still “getting there” and have much more to learn…Just don’t give up.

#Strategy 10: Keep working on increasing Page Views

Last but definitely not the least… Page views. Everything ultimately depends on it. The more you have traffic, the more you have a chance to make sales. So, brainstorm to increase the traffic to your Blog and build a quality of followers. Try 10 Proved strategies to grow Instagram Followers and Engagements.

How To Join Affiliate Program

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing field, you may need help in this.

  • Step 1- Go to the footer of the page and click on “Affiliates or Affiliate Program”
  • Step 2- Give your personal and professional details and join the program.
  • Step 3- Go to Marketplace and apply for the different Affiliate program (In case you are using Affiliate Networking Sites)
  • Step 4- Click on “Text” or “Banners” and get the HTML code.
  • Step 5- Paste the code on the page where you want to show it.

If you want your Affiliate link to convert your words, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1- Copy the product URL.
  • Step 2- Click on the link symbol and open its settings.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Step 3- Paste the URL and type your words.

Affiliate Mar

  • Step 4- Click “Add Link” and your Link will be shown as per you want.

How Can You Get Paid

Well, this question is asked by many Bloggers and those who are new to Affiliate Marketing. There are many options to get paid online today and you don’t need to give any secret details of yours. You can use PayPal or Payoneer to get paid which are much safe digital payment platforms.

At the end of the day I would like to say, don’t just limit your Blog with only one way of making money. Create multiple streams and maximize your Blog income. We are Bloggers, we are developers, we are influencers, we are creators!!

Have you found it helpful?? I will appreciate a share or a “Save pin” :).

If you have any query regarding Blogging, I have a Facebook community to help you out

Now, let’s make the comment section engaging. :). Are you liking the “Make Money Blogging Post series”?? What is your secret strategy for Affiliate Marketing??

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