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February 8, 2018
Blog coaching

Blog coaching

With 5 years of Freelancing+2 Years of experience as a Blog consultant, I am offering a Blog coaching service to rescue you from the middle of the sea. 🙂

I am not a professionally trained Blogger, not at all. I still remember the day when I searched on Google “What is Blog” …and I can’t believe I am offering Blog coaching today!!! AAhhh….dream turns to reality… :). So if I can, You can too.

I have been writing resourceful articles on Blogging since very long, If you haven’t read those.. please Click Here to have a look. May be you can get an idea of my works!!

Through my Blog coaching I offer :

  • Make Money blogging consultancy : I firmly believe in Making Money Online is not a virtual thing as I proved it during my first two months of Blogging. I teach, Different ways to make money with Blogging and secret strategies to apply. Along with that, get access to some very helpful resources to start with.
  • A complete coaching about SEO. How to improve Google ranking of your Blog is another highlight of my Blog Coaching.
  • Traffic…traffic…traffic!!! Stop reaching agencies to bring traffic for you. You can’t imagine the power of Artificial Intelligence. I will teach you How can you grow massive organic traffic to your Blog.
  • How can you grow your E-mail list to explode your Business.
  • How to increase your Social media followers and make money with Your Social Channels.
  • How can you write a perfect Blog Post for your Blog.

Now how do I offer this coaching?? 

  • I sit on my computer and make a live interactive session with you.
  • This course is not automated. I am not going to heat up your mail with 5 long mails and disappear… No!! Not at all. I take maximum 5 candidates/month and teach them personally as per their requirement.
  • After end of every lesson, I organize a 30 minutes of Q+A session to clarify all doubts.
  • I am all about building a community full of positive vibe…. clean air to breath except 9-5 grind. So, I care about your satisfaction.
  • You can reach me anytime to clarify doubts..My email inbox, social channels are always open for you.
  • This course may last up to 30 Days depending on your requirement and satisfaction. Within 30 Days, I promise you to makeover your Blogging scenario totally. 🙂

Words from my readers… 🙂

Blog coaching

Blog Coaching

Price for 30 Days of Blog Coaching : $20 (via Paypal)

( 3 seats left for March’18)

To reserve your seat, kindly mail me at kiyashmiblog@gmail.com 


  • This course is created by me and all contents are mine.
  • This course may contain some Affiliate links. If you click those link and make a purchase, I will get a small commission.
  • This is a Digital Product. If you are not satisfied with the course, I  can not refund your money. So money back is not applicable.(Don’t worry, this has never happened on my entire Blogging history).





Hello, I am Kiyashmi , a 21' blogger living in North east of India,Assam. I empower soul searchers about this revolution of :Twenties and Lifestyle. I write contents to make a healthy and happy life through hobbies and travel. if you hit that 'subscribe' button - a new friend!!

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