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Are you worried about low page views on your Blog post…even after you put all your creativity into it? Let me tell you, today 2.7 Million Post are published by bloggers every day and to make a difference in this high competition you have to play a right card. To stand out among all these, you must do better with each word you write. A successful Blogging Business depends on a large number of page views and to increase your page views, you need to have a powerful informative post. Well…whether you are a newbie blogger or looking to improve your next post, you’ve come to the right place. I bet at the end of the day, you will be confident to write a perfect Blog post.

Why It Is Important To Create A Powerful Blog Post

Blog Post

Initially, I struggled a lot with traffic…a lot..(hardly 50-60 views daily). I was so frustrated and unable to figure out where I was going wrong. After studies and lots of research, I discovered my mistakes and started working on it. I have not reached the ultimate traffic, but yes… I am doing comparatively better with a visible difference. Now I get average 500-600 page views daily which has boosted my confidence to write more and more.

When I posted my First Two Months Of Blogging Income Report Over $100, I received many comments and queries. I found some Bloggers have exceptionally beautiful Blogs but still struggling with Make Money Blogging. If you truly want to  Make Money Blogging, you must try to drive traffic to your site. And the Good News is: writing a right word with your creative style can make all the differences.  

Here you are going to learn 5 steps to writing a perfect powerful post every time.

How To Write A Powerful Blog Post

1. Improve SEO

Every Blogger must know the value of SEO and if you are aware of its secret algorithm… damn, you can rock with Blogging. I really had no idea about SEO when I wrote my first 10 blog post…YES, 10… It was crazy and so unfortunate. I probably lost thousands of organic visitors due to my lack of knowledge, and I really don’t want this to happen to you too.Blog Post

Let me tell you something very important about SEO (Search engine Optimization): You search on Google, “Top 10 Best Writers Of The World”. Now tell me how many of you wish to move to the second page? Yes…exactly.. you won’t right? I personally never go to the second page.. a “Best” can never appear at second. Improving SEO increase your page rank and your site is more likely to be appearing on the very first page of Google. Thus it drives Free and Organic traffic. Being a Blogger, I really recommend you to invest time in it. I swear each second will be worth to spend.

Some Most Powerful FREE  SEO Tools You Must Use For Your Blog:

Free SEO tools


2. Include Engaging Graphics

Visuals have always been a powerful tool..this is the main reason why YouTube has become one of the strongest marketing platforms. To drive traffic to your site, you must use relevant images as well. Do you know, Images should also be SEO optimized? So, never forget to add alt text and image name to the pictures.

How Can You Make Striking Engaging Pictures:

  • Tell people what you are offering
  • Quote: How to, Why, 5 Tips etc.
  • Promote your upcoming course
  • Promote your #brand
  • Create small listicles in a long pinnable image.

Currently, I am working on Pinterest to drive more traffic (I will definitely come up with more of Pinterest) and you won’t believe It is the powerhouse of traffic, I swear. If you are not creating pinnable images within your Blog Post, you are missing a huge organic traffic.

Some FREE Tools You Must Use to Create Engaging Graphics:

3. Talking Your Heart Out To Your Targeted Audiences

I probably included two points: Talk your heart out+Your targeted audiences. Because both are depended on each other…neither talking creative to a random audience make sense nor talking randomly to a targeted audience will work. From my very first post of Blogging, I have been saying ” Listen to your audiences“. Rather than speaking to a broad audience, narrow it down to your targeted ones. Well.. you can find out your targeted audiences with your previous Blog post statistics. People search for the best one…speaking about a 4-5 niche honestly doesn’t work.

After identifying your core audiences, talk with them…don’t just throw words. When I say Talk your heart out, mean it… I treat my audiences as my family and let them share. When you sound too robotic and people can’t relate to your words… trust me, you are missing a huge opportunity. Your readers expect something informative from you, appreciate their time on your Blog and listen to what they expect next.

4. Connect With Your Social Media

No doubt, you can write a great Blog post all day long… But if you do not connect it with your social media, you are just throwing your words in the air. Now, don’t get me wrong… social media is not just about promotion, it is about the relationship: A relationship with your audiences. Building Social Media is as tough as Building a Blog. So when you connect your Blog post with your Social media, you will meet your targeted audiences that will successfully establish your targeted market.

5. Use A Call To Action

Last but definitely not the least one: Use a call to action. Go through the Previous post and see how many comments you’ve received? One, two or maybe none? Let me tell you why: Because you didn’t ask. If you don’t ask your readers to give feedback, they won’t. And if you don’t ask them, you will not be able to know what they want…means, you are unknowingly losing your audiences. “Call To Action” is a marketing term describes to get involved with your readers. So, each post you write get involve with your readers by simply asking them a question or their valuable feedback.

I believe, a Great Blog post should be motivating, engaging and encourage your audience. A perfect and Powerful Blog post gives reason to visit your Blog again and again. Let’s make a commitment to incorporate these five elements to slay with your Blog Post every time.

Hey, Hey… Do you have something creative to rock with a perfect Blog post? Yesssss…??? Why don’t you share with me in the comment section below? You can help me with your secret of the powerful Blog post :)


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