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Can you relate?? It has been six months or a year you started your Blog and still not able to Make Money Blogging…You are giving 100% input to your Blog but it is showing no output. You have created 100 pages of an e-book, selling courses and even spent a lot of time and money in your Domain and Hosting , paid themes…in fact, you are putting more efforts than successful Bloggers. But it seems like you are wasting your time and making zero Money Blogging…Thus many Bloggers fail. Don’t worry it is not too late to get back on track. This post will show you where you are doing wrong and what should you do instead.

By the end of the post, you will understand what it takes to become a successful Blogger, so that you too, can join the long list of Blogging Success Stories.


Why Bloggers Fail

An announcement: When I published my last post: My First Two Months Of Blogging Income Report, many Bloggers reached me and shared their problem regarding  Make Money Blogging. Well, I went through all those Blogs and decided to create this post-series. As I always say, I am not an expert but yes… I have come through the same struggle. “Make Money Blogging” is a Free- Post series to show the correct way and to help all the Bloggers to generate lead with their hard work. Remember just one thing while reading this series: Hard work always lead to success. Work hard and make it happen.

I will list all the mistakes done by Beginner Bloggers and the corresponding solutions of it. Let’s get started.

Treat your Blog as your Business

I have seen some Bloggers making Hobby Blogs: Creating content about their hobbies and publish them, that is absolutely fine. But if you want to Make Money Blogging, treat your Blog as a business. Now, don’t take me wrong, if you are a good cook I am not saying you to go for selling fashion accessories….that will be a foolish idea ever. I am speaking about a combination of your hobby and your business mindset. Many Bloggers fail because they grab these two things individually.  Let’s take an example: I am a Budget Blogger and Traveler. I love doing that and so made them my Blogging niche. But. I have set some Vision and Mission for my Blog. I want my Blog to grow, make bread for me and for that I am ready to put all my blood and sweat.

What should you do:

  • Listen to yourself: If you are fully dedicated to making money from your blog, treat your blog as your business… newbie Bloggers fail at this point. Do not under any circumstances let anyone make you feel guilty for having money making mindset about your blog. Make sure you have a fully prepared mindset of a business person and your business have some value. You are contributing to the world in some ways and if you are making money while doing that, there is nothing wrong about.
  • Set a revenue model of your Blog: Whenever you create a content, try to include related Affiliate products as well. Find out all the ways by which your Blog can make money. It may be Affiliate marketing or your own product. In this regard, don’t forget to look at 5 Most Effective Ways to Monetize Your Blog.

You are being an alien

If you have an option between Amazon and xyz.com to buy a product, which one will you choose?? Amazon right?? Why…Because you can trust  Amazon. That’s it… Your Blog is your business and a business is called successful when it can create a trust with customers. You have to be honest and transparent to your readers. If you just keep adding contents, e-books, and all your resources without giving your introduction, I am sorry but you are loosing your readers as well as your customers. Because you failed to create a trust…a relationship between you and your readers and thus how many Bloggers fail.

What should you do:

  • Use “Bio” widget in your sidebar: As we say, the first impression is the last impression. Adding about yourself in the main page is a simple way to tell your readers whom they are talking with. I have been using Gravatar By Jetpack plugin for my Blog which shows my picture and says a little bit of my background.Why Bloggers fail
  • Speak honestly: When you are creating content, speak your heart out. People face problems but do not speak about it… if you write the problems along with your solution, trust me your growth graph will exponentially increase. Example: If you are selling a weight loss e-book, write your story too, “I was 85 Kg a few years back. I could see beautiful dresses hanging in malls and I felt so depressed……..look at me today. I have included all those things that helped me to lose weight an made my life happy and healthy, etc”. Yes, you can build a trust easily with that.
  • Interaction and Relationship: Many Bloggers fail because they are only involved in making contents. When you publish a post and share it, make sure you reply back each and every comment. By doing that, you are proving that you appreciate their time on your Blog. Make an honest- transparent relationship with your readers. It may be two or three initially who comment down, but it’s okay…if you be open to them, those three persons will tell about you to another three and thus how your Blog will grow.
  • Webinar: If you really want to sell and build some potential customers, webinar helps a lot. A webinar is an online workshop where you come face to face with your readers, they ask a question and you reply. By doing this, people are going to know more about you and your knowledge and they feel confident about your business. Webinar definitely builds a very strong relationship with your readers.

You are talking to the wrong audience

Almost 90% Bloggers fail at this point including me. Yes. I made zero money until I found out my targeted audience. Your free e-book, free advice all hard work will go waste if you do not have a targeted audience. When people search in Google, all they care about how can they solve their problem. In that regard, if your solution doesn’t match with your readers…. you are not going to make any sale.

What can you do:

  • Analyse your previous posts with Google Analytics, note down all the analysis and look from where the maximum traffic has come.Why Bloggers fail (Picture shows analytics to Date: 7-01-2018)
  • If you are running a Travel Blog, Join relevant Travel Facebook Groups, Join Travel Blogger’s Pinterest Group Boards and be active on those.
  • Use powerful relevant hashtags to reach your-kind-of-people.
  • Use “Call-to-action” and make your post engaging. People having the same interested will definitely interact and drop their views.
  • Create Freebies: The idea of  Freebies, while reaching a right audience can never go wrong. Because: Only those will sign up, who have interest in collecting your Free copies and it will help you to meet your right audience.

This is the analysis of my e-mail list when I started with Freebies.

Why Bloggers fail

You are not promoting yourself

Bloggers fail because they keep trying to grow their business page without promoting themselves. Keep posting an announcement on your Business pages will not work until you start promoting from yourself. I do not have a business Instagram account but still, I get 50% traffic from Instagram….because I promote my Blog in my personal account and my followers happily visit to see what I am up to.

What you should do:

  • Promote your business in your own social media accounts and turn your followers into your Blog traffic.
  • Guest posting is another great way to promote yourself and your Blog. Write on Newspaper, Other Blogs or E-magazines. You can definitely see a visible difference.
  • As I say visuals make thing possible: YouTube is a great way to promote yourself along with your Blog.
  • Do not underestimate your local people, they are gems. Try to attend local events related to your Blogs, meet people, talk with them and promote your business. “The same-place “senti” works here and you can create a good bonding with them.

You are not creating engaging contents

I have seen many Bloggers fail to make money although they have a large number of good Blog posts along with all ads and affiliate sites. See, your Blog starts from your content…your contents are the root of your Blog. You may have a striking niche or with a high responsive theme, but if your Blog posts are simply rock and concrete, you are moving in opposite direction of success.

What you can do

  • Don’t just throw words, it is your time to apply your creativity. People need a reason to read all those long texts in Black & White. When your Blog post sounds robotic, trust me no people gonna like it…they will directly head to the cross button at the right of their PC.
  • Add a relevant image, if you can add pictures clicked by you….that’s great, you are one more step ahead.
  • Don’t forget to read Hacks To Write A Powerful Blog Post.

To run a successful Blog is a dream of many and no doubt the profit can be huge. As I always say…you just need to play the right card to achieve that goal. And yes, stop blaming your niche for not Making Money Blogging. In this globe, people are not all time interested in travel and fashion. There are lot and lot of customers who are willing to buy from you… whether it is a Blog of education or mental health. All depends on how can you solve their problems. :) 

So…don’t just simply give up…rather than, start working from today. Note down these points and analyze yourself… If I can, why can’t you?Why Bloggers fail

This is the first part of my Blog Post Series: Make Money Blogging. I have broken down this series into some smaller parts for your better understanding. Until my next post, minimize your Blogging mistakes and cross initial obstacle to Make Money Blogging. :)

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