How can you save money while travelling: Cheap yet luxurious

Hello readers, If you have been following me on  Instagram you know that I love travelling. Since last one year I have been travelling around my country. Earlier I thought travelling is hectic and expensive. But once I started travelling , I felt I never want to stop. As I am a college student, I cannot spend all my pocket money in travelling. Since then I’m all about finding new ways so that I can save money while traveling.

I love traveling but my wallet does’t permit me sometime. At first I started saving money with my cute little piggy bank. Then I discovered another fact of me, neither I am a piggy bank girl nor I can compromise with shopping. :(


The last summer, when I made a plan to travel to North India and started researching budget travel. And trust me, I had an amazing smooth trip from Delhi to Dehradun under my low budget. I did shopping at my favorite places , stayed at luxurious places and had my favorite drink. Now, I am excited to share my tips with you.

How to save money while travelling :

Being a budget traveler doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your comfort. You need to be very smart at choosing right stay and right way to make your journey smooth. Let get into it.

Tip 1:

Have a plan beforehand:

As a new idea of traveling strikes my mind I sit with my pen and paper. I note down all the things to do and calculate the estimated spending. I budget on how I am going to travel, where should I stay, where to eat and I make sure to avoid unnecessary overspending. Regarding that, Tripadvisor helps me a lot. The best thing about Tripadvisor is you can read the reviews from previous travelers and you can have some real idea about the place. Whenever I have a plan to travel, I go through the reviews of the place. The reviewers have visited the place earlier, so you can trust them. Researching your destination and it’s attraction before you go can help you prioritize your budget.

Tip 2:

Book via online travel sites and save for your next travel:

In this regard I always prefer I am in love with their exciting deals and ultimate discount. I have been using since very long and able to be their GENIUS MEMBER few days ago. A Genius member can get two times discount than others. And the best part to get these facilities is you don’t need to pay and be a genius member. Once you complete your fifth booking via ,they make you a genius member and you can save a lot more money, you can also make changes in your booking without any cancellation fee. I got some awesome opportunities to  have some luxurious stay via my Genius membership account.

Personally I prefer homestay rather than hotel. For homestays I mostly prefer Airbnb services. The hosts provide quality of stay that can give you a comfort homely feeling. Specially in my country (India), Airbnb is definitely a good option to save money while travelling.

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Tip 3:

Make your coffee at room:

This tip is kinda fun for me. In fact while traveling to hills and mountains, I love to have taste of my self made coffee sitting at the balcony. So,instead of going out and have a cup of coffee at around 100 Rs-200 Rs, make it yourself and save money. But yeah, if you wanna have some flavored coffee of that place, definitely you shouldn’t miss that chance.

So, do you travel a lot more lately?? Try these tips guys. Though I am a college student, I enjoy my journey without compromising my comfort and I want you to have the same. If you have found this article helpful please give me a thumbs up and leave your comment below. I appreciate your appreciation and welcome your suggestions.

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    1. Hello Rajkamal, I am glad that you liked it. I have visited most of the place of North and South India. As I belong to North east, I am aware of the places of this region. Please drop me a mail at so that I can send you the details of it.

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