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My First Two Months Of Blogging Income Report : $113.932

January 2, 2018

Less than few months ago I really had no idea how to make money with blogging (Well I tried with once but it didn’t work and I thought this is absolutely out of my league). But the idea of Blogging Business and Blogging Income really fascinated me and I didn’t want to give up on it. Then in October last, I started my Lifestyle and Travel Blog Twenties and Lifestyle and gave an another shot.


I started making money from my Blog and I really need somebody to pinch me..!!!

Do you want to know how did I start with my Blog?? I had a Domain and Hosting in my hand and I started from a google search “What is Blog?”… crazy right.. but honestly I had zero idea when I started with my Blog. Neither I belong to a coding background nor a Digital one. But yes… I have an honest and strong impulse towards Blogging and a curiosity to to know How can I earn money online.

Being a 21 Hostel living girl, I was not sure whether I can make it or not.. I will be real: I didn’t have even enough money for the basic spends. (I bought the Domain and Hosting with my pocket money when I realized the Importance of self-hosting Blog). With so many sleepless nights and continuous researches and studies, today I can say.. earning passive income is definitely a reality.

This is my First Blogging Income Report of the month of November’17 and December’17. The reason why I thought to publish my Income report is : I literally start pushing my limit forward like crazy whenever I read Blogging Income reports of my favorite bloggers. I see their patience and potential towards their business which have been a constant strength during my last two months of journey. Bloggers know, how difficult it is to make the First income from Blogging. I honestly think My Blogging Income Report will inspire the newbies to make money Blogging. And as I always say…If I can, anyone can.

A Little Background

I am a small town girl with big dreams.. who strongly believes, it is possible to make money online and so she did!! Somebody pinch me again please. I really can’t believe The Mechanical girl who had no idea of Blogging will be able turn her dream into reality… I’m confident and strong as hell now !!!

Well I know the amount $113.932 is very small in comparison to the 4 or 5 digit of amount that successful Bloggers make. I spent pretty much time in learning Word press and figure out the algorithm of Blogging in November… this is definitely not an excuse in fact I am glad that I understood the things before jumping into the circle. (As I had ZERO idea about Blogging) The month of December I fully invested on Monetizing My Blog. 

I haven’t transferred the amount I earned to my bank account, as I set two months of milestone. I want to track the growth of my Blog. If you are still working on growth of your blog…you should definitely set a milestone. Because we human eat money whenever we have it in our hand. Honestly …I do, with a whole lot of shopping and travelling.

Months November-December (2017): How I made my first income of $113.932 Blogging

Do I really make money Blogging?? Let me speak the truth.. it won’t happen overnight until you have some very good connection or get extremely lucky. It took 60 days for me to earn my first income…but I did. So trust me when I say if I can, anyone can. I really believe everyone can make money Blogging with right strategy, patience and hard work with a determinant mind.

To boost up your spirit and give the post some value, I’ve added screenshots of my payment as a proof of this Blogging Income Report.

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Blogging Income Report:

Affiliate Income:

Amazon Affiliates : $20.058

  • I made $20.058 in my first two months of Blogging with Amazon Affiliates. I freaking love Amazon Affiliates as an Affiliate Program for beginners. They are so easy to use and the most beautiful thing is people never hesitate to buy products from Amazon. There were just two items sold using my Affiliate link and it was converted into $20.058.

It is not easy to get the first affiliate sale…. you need to play the right card to reach your right audience.

Grow Sumo: $9.90

  • Another Affiliate program that helped me to make my first income of $9.90. Grow Sumo is an Affiliate Program with marketplace of multiple e-companies. For the beginners, I absolutely recommend Grow Sumo .
  • I earned $5 and $4.90 is in pending.

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Freelance Guest Posting at Upwork: $68

  • I did 5 jobs of writing and Guest posting at Upwork  and earned $68. I really love making money with Upwork as they have no minimum payout. I can withdraw money as low as $5 via PayPal or Local Bank Transfer.

For example: I promoted did a guest posting and promoted their site on my Blog with 5 useful ways to practice self care for a healthy life


Freelance Guest Posting at $11

Total: $113.932


I Collaborate:

Whether I am new or old Blogger… I never miss a single chance to promote my work and increase my page. During my first two months of Blogging I collaborated with:

My Blog Expenses: The Actual Starting Investment to Make a Profitable Blog

  • Domain and Hosting : $65 for a complete year (I still have 10 month left to renew it). If you want to buy a Domain and Hosting Plan I strongly recommend Bluehost . I am so in love with their affordable plans: Starting from $3.95/month and 24*7 customer support. Whenever I have some query I drop them a text and shockingly they are so quick to reply and solve it within a minute.

  • Theme: $0 , I won’t lie but I am still using a Word Press Free Theme : Fashionate . (I guess I am a Budget Blogger ;))

I will definitely go for a paid theme as soon as I will be able to write a higher amount of Blogging Income Report 🙂

Do you want to minimize your monthly expense?? Use Ebates: As a Budget Blogger,I always try to minimize my spending while travelling and shopping. Ebates made it possible with all seasoned cash back and referral bonus upto $25.

Click Here To Start With Ebates and Get $10 of Welcome Gift

And Then What??

Pin this point : Affiliate Marketing is the simplest way to earn money Blogging. When your Blog is a baby and not ready to produce an own product, you can make money sharing product of other’s.

Stop Saying No and Try To Figure Out Why You Can't Click To Tweet

Now it’s your turn to Make Money Blogging

  • Patience…Patience and Patience: I didn’t make $113.932 overnight. You need to be patient and pushing harder and harder everyday. Treat your blog as your business. Do not under any circumstances let anyone make you feel guilty for having  money making mindset about your blog. Make sure you have a fully prepared mindset of a business person and your business have some value. You are contributing to the world in some ways and if you are making money while doing that, there is nothing wrong about.
  • If it is not working, you need to change something: Come out from your comfort zone…yes, you need to. I am all about finding new hacks to grow my blog and when I offered my first Freebie: E-book of 100 Networks of Paid Blogging Opportunity, my subscription list grew like crazy.
  • Stick to a particular niche: Do not…never..ever write on 5-6 different niche if you have a money making mindset. It will really make difficult for you to earn money from it. Stick to one niche and start making money from your Blog. Read to learn How to Choose Perfect Blogging Niche.
  • Listen to your audience: Yes..they are your customers…your visitors..your well wishers!! Treat them with what they actually like and make them a family of your Blog.
  • Self-hosted….Self hosted : Initially, I started with a free platform to check whether it will work for me or not. Drop that stupid idea. Because when you will understand the benefit of it you want to switch your site to a self hosted blog, trust me, it is extremely disgusting and a long way. Rather I chose to invest a little money on self hosting at the beginning only. It is a small investment that is worth spending. Use  Bluehost.comAlmost 80% bloggers including me are using their service and by far I have not faced any problem with it.

How to start a Profitable Blog? How to make money from it? Student and don’t have enough money to spend: How to be a Budget Blogger?

Well I can help you out with this with my 7 Days of Free Bogging Course. If you need any kind of help on your way… I am here to help. join me on Facebook Community and drop your query… I can probably bring you on your track 🙂

How are you making your Blogging Income online? Share your ideas, views and knowledge in the comment section below!!







Hello, I am Kiyashmi , a 21' blogger living in North east of India,Assam. I empower soul searchers about this revolution of :Twenties and Lifestyle. I write contents to make a healthy and happy life through hobbies and travel. if you hit that 'subscribe' button - a new friend!!

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    1. Hey Dasha, Thank you so much!! During first month, it was Av 1500-2000 but I kept on promoting my site and in next month it boosted upto 5000. I am putting effort to increase it upto 10,000 in this month 🙂 Finger crossed!!

    1. Thank you so much 🙂
      I can really feel the struggle of blogging and never want aspiring bloggers to give up on their dreams. I am honestly loosing nothing by saying all those words but someone will really get everything :).
      Keep loving 🙂

  1. Wow this is very encouraging. Thanks so much for sharing this! I’m trying hard to work on my blog as well. Maybe we can collab next time! 🙂

    1. Hey Viola, thank you so much!! That’s why I written this post… as well as to track my income. Do not give up.. It may take long but worth every single second you spend.
      Definitely dear. Feel free to mail me or connect with me anytime.

    1. Glad to meet a reader from my homeland 🙂
      Yes, I can totally understand how hard it is in our country..but not impossible :).. That is why I’ve added all the screenshots to give the post a value. Yes, initially it took time but I was not ready to give up. Thank you so much 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for this! I love reading income posts from bloggers, but yours was my favorite. I’m a travel blogger and I was feeling like the only way to make money online was to blog about blogging, but you’ve shown me that its possible to make money blogging no matter what! Thanks so much!

    1. Hey love,
      Your comment has made my morning :). Glad to have a travel Blogger in my Blog. Income reports are really inspiring, specially for newbies… Making Money Online is damn true and I want people to believe on that. Keep reading dear, I will share more and more resourceful articles 🙂

    1. Hey Vijay, thanks a lo t for your wish :). I am trying hard to grow the Blog and set a genuine example of making money online. Well.. no, I didn’t use any tactic to get found on upwork but yes, Start applying for low paid jobs initially to build your portfolio. Upwork is all depended on you previous work, your success score, reviews and ratings. I am going to write about it in my next blog post.
      Keep reading 🙂

  3. Amazing! These are such helpful tips! Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve been blogging for quite some time, just for the fun part of it but lately I’ve been thinking how could I make some income out of the blog. Thank you so much for clearing up some things!

    1. Hey Irina, thank you so much for stopping by. I am very happy it helped… :). I genuinely think income reports are great ways to motivate Bloggers :).
      Well…hey Irina, I have gone through your site, you are a package of talent. Your Blog looks amazing and you should definitely focus on monetizing it. Trust me girl, you will proud of it 🙂

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