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Hello readers, If you have gone through my previous blog post you might get familiar with some effective tricks that can actually grow your Instagram account. I am receiving some queries regarding how hashtags can bring traffic to your account.
So, let us explore the power of hashtags. Hold on, guys!!I am not gonna talk about “like for like” or “follow for follow”.You can see a long series of hashtags on the internet which does not actually help you grow. I want to talk to you why hashtags are important and what hashtags you should use an how to use to be in focus.
So first of all.
Why hashtags are important:
Are you called as a “hashtag girl” in your college because you use them a lot and people jump on their judgmental mindset and say, “Hey, look at her, last night she posted a picture using 20 hashtags, How can someone be so desperate for likes?” Well, tap your back girls, because you are actually working on growing your account and their criticisms won’t be a barrier between you and your followers.
Hashtags are the most powerful tool that Instagram has installed in their software. It can take your account to a sky-high level. Let me take an example. Suppose, You are on for shopping today. Luckily you found a most beautiful dress that perfectly goes with your skin tone.(I can hardly find such dress :( ). But you didn’t take it, why???because your friend has the same dress and you don’t wanna get saturated. Exactly, hashtags do the same. It categories your content and helps you from not getting saturated. If your picture is related to fashion, interested people gonna search out typing as #fashion and they can see your post. It works like that.

How to use it:
Well, you can find a lot of opinions on hashtags on the internet. I have been doing research on it since very long and finally found out some really effective techniques that actually work.

1.You can use maximum 30 hashtags in one post and if you exceed the limit, Instagram is gonna reject your post. So, Does use of maximum hashtags will bring maximum followers?? No, it doesn’t. You have to work according to your strategy. If you use 30 hashtags like #fashion #outfit #food etc which are used by millions, it is not gonna work. Because your post will get dissolved with those millions of posts. Instead of that, useless number but very specific to your content.For example #fashiondiary instead of #fashion, #outfitoftheday instead of #outfit or #veganfood instead of #food. These are obviously used by thousands of people but not over saturated.

See, here I have used very few but specific numbers.And it worked for me.

2. Have you seen it?? Instagram has made it so easy that we don’t need to type hashtags anymore. They automatically predict it from the previous post and we just need to select it. If you are doing the same, readers, it is the time to stop it. You have targeted some amount of audience in a post using few hashtags, and it had worked.But if you do the same for different post your target is gonna limited. Only your previous viewers and followers gonna see your post because you have blocked others from using the same. It is not Instagram’s fault, they just try to reduce your effort. But if your little effort gonna bring few new followers to your account, welcome them. Try to use new ones rather than simply selecting it.

How to find out appropriate hashtags:
1. If you have a picture of your new outfit and you are gonna give #ootd, type this ootd on the search bar and look how many people have used that. Are they earning good amount of likes?? If yes then do that. Again also search for that particular one where people have low likes. That means you can penetrate there with more likes.
For example, I searched #Fashion and #outfit.Look what it showed.

hashtags hashtags

2. Follow your favorite blogger’s or model’s hashtags. See what they use and try to implement those in your post as well.

I appreciate those people who are actually putting effort to grow their account. That’s your biggest step if you wanna be one among millions. So I have done a research for all the fashion-lifestyle blogger and fitness enthusiast out there.I found out some real effective hashtags and gonna share it with you. You just only need to pick them and paste them on your caption.

hashtags hashtags

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