Head start: A Freelancing guide for beginners


Happy Holidays readers!! So are you up to earn some extra money during this vacation? I am all prepared for the new year with all my new business strategies, whether it is Blogging or Freelancing. I am so happy that you guys have loved my previous post on How do I earn money through Freelancing . As you have found your platform to start with, today I will discuss about some important Tips to follow as a beginner freelancer. I have been asked few questions like- How can I start with, How can I get my first job, How to deal with clients, How can I get paid etc. So I decided to come up with a Freelancing guide describing all those secret hacks behind a successful Freelancer who is earning thousands of dollar with these platforms.

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Freelancing guide says, Freelancing is your Lifestyle, not duty

The service that you are going to provide through Freelancing is your skill, your knowledge, something that where you are expert. So do not make it like your shower in winter. If you genuinely want to make some money through Freelancing, enjoy doing this. This is going to help you to live the lifestyle that you always wanted. If you just give a little effort, your life will be totally different.

Specifically Freelancing is taking a good lead in my country India. A recent survey shows that  per month Freelancer can earn much money than a full-time employ in India.


6 Freelancing tips for beginners (A complete Freelancing guide)

Make your profile impressive

There are already thousands of Freelancers out there, why the recruiters will pick you among them. As we all know, “First impression is the last impression”. Freelancing is a platform where the recruiters know nothing about you. You have to grab their attention to grab that paid job. And only way to grab their attention is your profile. Your profile is going to speak for you- What can you do, What have you done before and What kind of person you are. As soon as you apply for a job, the recruiters will open your profile. If they do not find anything eye catching there, there is no hope. You will lost the opportunity of hundred dollars.

How can you make your profile strong

Give your professional description in a convincing tone. Do not say ” I know JAVA, HTML; I can make websites etc”. No person is going to be impressed with that. Rather than, start by greeting people in that community, describe about your past or on going studies/jobs, tell them why did you choose that Freelancing platform and what you can offer. Let me quote an example, I had no idea what to write when I was an entry level Freelancer. I was kind of worried why my job applications get declined every time. So I decided to work on: why my job applications should be accepted. And I found there is nothing in my profile to impress clients that make me differ from all those established Freelancers.

I made my first step and modified my profile and this is how my Upwork profile looks like now.

After few day, one of my application got selected and I was feeling out of the world. I was going to make my first income. Now most of my applications get selected as I have a strong profile.

Start applying for low paid jobs

Examine your limit and potential with low paid jobs. Recruiters who are paying higher amount for a job, they look for Freelancer with previous experience. So, to get that high paid job start building your profile applying for low paid jobs. Low paid jobs are your base, they are going to give you 5 star reviews if you meet quality and deadline. Like I did to make my portfolio better.

Meet your deadline and avoid faults in initial jobs

These should be done whenever you get a job. But accident happens, so at least for the initial jobs try to accomplish all the job requirement. This is going to make impression. If you can make the client happy, he/she will definitely visit you again and you can make a long term relationship.

Make a portfolio

A portfolio will show your work history. Your clients are going to look at it and will be happy to offer you the money. Lets say you are done with your first job. Make a portfolio providing contract details and your ratings and feedbacks. You can add your related offline job as well.

My Upwork portfolio:


Do not steal content for any job

If you do so, it will be a nightmare for your Freelancing career. Suppose you apply for a job being greedy at it’s payment but have no idea about it’s description. You want that money anyhow and steal similar content and submit, it may end you Freelancing career. Recruiters will find out within a minute whether you have created it or stole it and you may get banned from other Freelancing platforms too. So, better to be honest and do your own.

How to deal with Clients

You have to be professional and friendly at same time. Start your conversation with a happy greeting, ask thoroughly about their requirements and most importantly speak less and listen more. Your conversation should convince the client and make him believe that you are the right choice.

Don’t be arrogant while making a conversation. Even if you find the client rude, give a polite and humble reply in return. Remember, you are doing all these for you. You need your own growth. Becoming aggressive or angry is going to pull down your confidence and energy and you won’t be able to meet  your goal. So, stay calm and focus on why you are here.

How can you get paid

Most of the Freelancing platforms are combined with online payment solutions. Being a Freelancer, you should have a Payoneer account. I love to use Payoneer. Benefits of this account are:

  • When you get paid by foreign clients, your tax will be deducted if you transfer it Directly to your bank account. If you earn $20, your Freelance service fee will be $5 (in most cases) and in addition to that, a good amount of tax will be deducted. That’s why you should definitely have a payoneer account. The process is quite simple. You just need to fill up the FREE registration form and provide your bank account details. That’s it, you are done.
  • Most of the Freelancing platforms do not have even Direct local bank transfer option. So you should have a Payoneer account to get paid.
  • It is easy to use Payoneer. You can spend your last $0.01  with the help of Payoneer. Whereas in our bank account these small amounts are mostly remain underutilized.

I wish if I had a Freelancing guide at the beginning

I have gone through all these steps and I don’t want you to do the same mistakes I did. At the early stage of my Freelancing career, I had no Freelancing guide or coach. That is the reason it takes a long time to get selected for my very first job. Regarding my Freelance career development, Freelance expert Maggie Linders helped me a lot. She gave me entire Freelancing guide module with the help of which I can make a huge amount of money per month. First of all, I was afraid to spend my $1 (almost 66 Rs) on her trial course. But I wanted to give a try, so I invested $1 and that $1 h as been bringing revenue till today. I must say, Maggie Linders is an excellent coach for a Freelancing Career.


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  1. “First impression is the last impression”

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    1. That actually works….directly or indirectly !! :)..Thank you so much Prima Chandra. Keep reading!!

  2. Nice Article for freelancers. Thanks for writing such a good article in the form of tips for freelancing jobs. I am looking to try these tips for myself usable. People always try direct method but most of time these trick don’t works. Your tips are helpful for the person to make good blog posting for their websites or blog and content freelancing writing jobs.

    1. Hey Anita,
      Thank you so much:). I am so happy with these words. Honestly, freelancing is not an overnight success. I am glad you’ve found it helpful. I am going to make a very resourceful course for writers to earn a great income. Keep loving Anita :)

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