How I Afford To Travel As A College Student

Afford to travel

One of the most common question I am asked mostly is how I afford to travel as a college student. If you look at my Instagram you may think, whoa!! this girl gets a huge pocket money so she doesn’t have to worry about spending. But I have to say, I completely disagree with you. Neither I get thousands of dollar as pocket money nor I rarely concern about budget while travelling. And don’t worry… I am not even going to give a magical answer of how I afford to travel.

I haven’t been to abroad till now but since last one year, I have been travelling to many cities and diving deep into different versions of nature. So today, I am going to disclose how I afford to travel almost every month as a college student and as I always say, if I can, you can too. :).Afford to travel

Wait wait, who am I??…. if you are new to my Blog I am Kiyashmi, documenting my twenties in a most inspiring way possible. And travelling has always been my biggest inspiration. Every time I travel, I feel more productive and positive the next day. So if you are looking for some motivations to live your twenties and securing your thirties and forties, well…we can be friends :)

In our Twenties, we are tinker with shit, travel, explore and love and we definitely don’t want money to be fall in between. So, let’s reveal how I afford to travel as a college going girl and how you can do the same. I have been divided this article in two parts :

  • How to make some extra money from one/two months prior to your trip.
  • How to save money while travelling.

Cool right?? Let’s start with it!

How I afford to travel: Part 1

How to make some extra money from one/two months prior to your trip :

With my pocket money I definitely can not travel every month. And as I stay in hostel, I need to take care of my own expenses. Therefore, I mostly plan my trip during my vacation to avoid my class attendance issue as well as to earn few bucks. So today, I will share all the ways through which I earn money prior to my trip.

1# A Blog :

You have a big plus point if you are a college Blogger. With your Blog you can surely earn few dollars withing one month and fully enjoy your trip in a luxurious stay. I have already discussed some effective ways to make money Blogging in my previous post :

Or, even I can teach you with my Blog Coaching service How to Make Money Blogging. As I take only 5 students per month, 3 seats are still left to register. Hurry Up!! :)

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I firmly believe Blogging is the best way to make passive income that you can carry lifelong. So if you are thinking to start Blogging I have a full post that describes how to establish a Blog in 7 easiest ways.

2# Freelancing :

Freelancing is an another great way with which I afford to travel.  I have been Freelancing via Upwork and . I have found these sites are really great to get quick projects as a newbie. I have written a complete guide to get quick success Freelancing :

3# Write for them :

If you have an excellent writing skill, you can still get paid without Blogging and Freelancing. I will tell you How!!

  • Search “Write For Us” in Google and you can see number of sites that pay you for writing for them. Choose your niche site and start applying with your best pitch. I strongly recommend you to go through their guidelines before submitting a pitch. 
  • You may get reply late or some of them may not even reply you back, just don’t lose your hope. I have a very good experience with Superble .  Superble  is a review writing platform where you get paid for writing review of a product. The best reason why I love  Superble  is : You don’t need to submit and pitch and wait for a long. All you need to do is just sign up and start writing reviews. With your review you can earn points and every 1000 points= $100. I started with this platform 5 days back and till today I have earned 1o2 points. The points strictly depends how much you share and products are purchased with your link.  Superble  CEO Nicollo have been very helpful throughout my journey with this platform. 

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4# Start Influencing :

Your Social media can be a great way to make high amount passively. Specifically Instagram is a trending social media where brands search for influencers. Only thing you need to have a great number of following with good engagement. You can start pitching new brands directly via Instagram Direct Message or you can use a third party platform like Glambassador to make things happen quickly.  Glambassador is the first platform that accepted my pitch and I got a chance to connect with many brands right away.

I have collaborated with a great Digital Marketing trainer Anurag Bhatia and he has guided me with a brilliant Blog post : A quick guide to working with brands.

Afford to travel

5# Take surveys and get paid :

Before you recall some scams, I wanna pitch you and say….it’s real. Swagbucks makes it happen. With Swagbucks you can earn money with SB points that you redeem via Amazon Gift Card and buy your travel essentials. Swagbucks has several ways to earn points as well. If you start completing their daily polls, you can make some great points very quick.

6# Sell your old goodies:

Selling your old and unused goodies is an another great way to earn some quick cash. I mostly sell my old books of previous semesters in Amazon and I really found Amazon is the best platform to sell my old goodies at a good price. You just need to register as a seller and after signing up, list products that you want to sell. And you are done!! Amazon will pick your products from your place and money will be added to your account.

Click Here To Sell In Amazon

7# Become online tutor :

If you have a good knowledge in a particular subject, you can earn money by teaching people online. I strongly prefer Udemy to start with.  Udemy  is a topmost platform to get paid for sharing your knowledge and that can be anything. Whether you are expert at Mechanical Engineering stress and strain or psychology, you will be introduced to millions of people who need your teaching.


Ready to earn for your next trip?? Yayy… you are not a broke and poor college student now, you are financially independent and ready to fly to your destination.

How I Afford To Travel : Part 2

How to save money while travelling

Having a Budget for a trip is a great way to save money while travelling. I visited to Meghalaya, Shillong last time and completed my tour within almost 4000 Rs. Basically I take a pen and paper and note down my all possible expenses. In this section of the article I will share how I minimize those expenses and afford to travel.

1# Prior Booking for Flight and Accommodation :

Early booking of your flight and accommodation allow you to save few bucks instead of booking it instantly. And as a college student, I mostly plan my trip during vacation and I have very less chance to cancel my trip due to an emergency work. So I fix my travel date and get done with the bookings few days prior to my trip.

2# I join referral program

Have you noticed “Refer and earn” section provided by a site? Specifically in booking sites like Make My Trip or , you can earn up to 1000 Rs per referral. 1000 Rs per referral is a big amount for me as most of the time I can complete my bookings with referral cash only.

MMT offer : Sign Up Using My Link and Get 1500 Rs Instantly in your Account

3# I book with Ebates :

Ebates is a cash back platform where you can get your cash back with your shopping and booking. If you are in budget and care about your finance, I am sure Ebates can be your best friend. Sign up for Ebates and add Chrome extension, you can earn a huge cashback from Amazon,, Bluehost, Walmart, OYO Rooms and many more frequently used sites. After getting some referral points, I complete my bookings via Ebates and it helps to get some cash back to my wallet. What a great way of saving!! Ebates helps me to save money while buying groceries.

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Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

4# Use Coupon Surfer:

Coupon Surfer is where coupons with a great discount can be found. I definitely think Coupon Surfer is the best way to get some additional discount on our purchases or bookings. You can make your purchase via Coupon Surfer and it will help you to get some decent cashback or discount on your purchased products. The another great thing about Coupon Surfer is that it provides cash back even on your favorite restaurant. I mostly use them when I am on a trip and want to try out food out there.

CouponSurfer Cash Back RewardsAfford to travel

5# Use Public transport

Using public transport is another secret of how I afford to travel. It helps me save thousands of money and I get a chance to interact with people while travelling. I truly believe using public transport is an awesome way to budget travel during your college life.

6# Sharing is Caring : Use Share rides with Uber

Uber is now available in most of the countries. I mostly take share rides with Uber as it allows me to share the money with other passengers. And for college students, Uber share ride is definitely a gemstone.

Use “KIYASHMIBUE” coupon code and get a Free ride with Uber

7# Use Airbnb :

I am a fan of Home-stays. For me comfortable begins where you get Home like feelings, and Homestays never disappoint me with that.  Airbnb provides Homestays at very affordable price, even for longer duration. With the referral program of Airbnb , you can earn some quick cash as your next travel credit.

Click Here and Get 2,200 Rs Travel Credit Instantly 

Afford to travel

Well travelling is not so expensive right?? ;). Every time I plan a trip, I follow all the mentioned tips to minimize my expenses and enjoy my trip fully. If you need some more motivations on Budget Travel, you may like :

The whole article is ofcourse not a magical answer of how I afford to travel, all the tips are practical that will help you to live a dream college life as well as your 20’s. :)

This is how I afford to travel as a college student…. what about you? Are you following some other money saving tips to afford your travel? Please comment down below…I would love to add some extra on my travel planning list. :)

Hope you have a wonderful week :).





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