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Leisure time hacks: Raise your hand if you want to earn few bucks in your free time. Take your coffee cup and sit for a minute. Readers, today I am going to share some tips with the help of which you can make money in your free time. I am a college student and work as a Freelancer. You can find me in many Freelancing platforms as Freelance content writer/social media marketing. That’s how I make my money as a college student. I buy some text books, do shopping and travel on holidays with my own income. Let me tell you guys, this is not tough at all. In this blog post I will discuss about all those freelancing platforms that really works and pays very well.

What is Freelancing

If you are master at any work, come out from the shell. Freelancer is a word that allows you to call yourself a self-employed and Freelancing is a way to offer your skills to marketers and get paid for it. I love writing, whether it is poem or a story. Once I got into Freelancing platforms, I get paid for my passion. What could be more beautiful than that?

Why I chose to be a Freelancer

Well I belong to a middle class family. As I am pursuing engineering away from my home, I needed some extra amount of bucks for my additional spending. I decided to utilize my free time and weekends on something productive. I didn’t have much time to learn something from scratch and become eligible to offer that to buyers. That is why I chose to become a Freelance writer and able to get paid for my each word.

Here I have shown you my last week payment of one freelancing platform (upwork)

( I bought some brand new sweaters yesterday with my last week income :D )

Benefits I have received as a Freelancer

Very affordable:

It is obvious that we don’t want to spend money on something without knowing whether it will work or not. Being a student, I cannot invest a huge amount just on words. Freelancing is a platform which allow me to earn some good amount of money without any risk.

I can actually fix my earning:

Lets say, I need to buy a $100 book for my upcoming exam. Targeting that $100, I do my freelancing work.

I am the boss of me:

Freelancing is a deal between you and the buyer. They will tell their requirements and you will provide service according to that. There is nobody to supervise you during your work. That is what I like most about this business.

I can work on my free time:

Freelancing is not a 9 am to 5 pm job. I have classes, assignments, tests and many academic activities. In Freelancing I can choose my working hours. Mostly I work on weekends and holidays.

I can choose job according to my choice:

Well, this is very interesting. In Freelancing platforms, you can see thousands of job proposal that meet your skills. You can choose any of them as per the money they are giving, duration of the job etc.

Top 5 Well paid Freelancing platforms used by millions of buyer :

  1. People Per Hour (PPH) : It is one my favorite Freelancing website that I have been using since few months. This Platform is very easy to use and your profile gets approved withing a very short duration. There are almost 10,000 well paid  jobs are posted daily. you can filter your skills and start applying on jobs. Recently I applied for a job of digital marketing writer. I wrote about Word press and they paid me $100 for my words. I am quite happy with the money that People Per Hour offers. If you have a skill on developing websites, app or any tech skills, PPH offers you large number of jobs and the best money.
  2. Writing jobs: Do you know Freelance writers are making $1000/day using Freelancing platforms?? If you have writing skills and want to be a Freelance writer like me, I highly recommend you Writing jobs. For a simple article, the buyers provide $50 and for an e-book buyers provide minimum $500. Writing jobs has specifically build for writers to give a very useful platform so that their unique talent don’t get saturated.
  3. Earn with photography : I can see many friends from my Facebook and Instagram friend list click beautiful pictures and post it daily. Earn with photography is a platform which will pay you for beautiful photographs. Earn some money selling your photographs and go for a trip on next weekend. Cheers!! 
  4. Upwork : Upwork is a very well known Freelancing platform. This platform is very user friendly and provide a flexible service. I have been using this platform since last few months. In Upwork  it is easy to start a contract. I prefer this platform to website developers and writers.
  5. Online tutor Jobs : You can teach student online and get paid for it. Well Online Tutor Jobs  has made a platform for tutors around the world and given them opportunities to teach online and get paid for it. The Platform promises to give $500/month from one student.

These are not the only Freelancing Platforms on internet. You can probably find thousands of like these. I have mentioned these particularly because these are the platforms used by many users including me. And by far, these are showing some very good results.

Although I have started blogging, Freelancing is a career that I never want to lose. That is something I can always fall back to. So readers, what are you waiting for?? Start selling your skills and utilize your free time. Give them what you have and buy what you want.

I will definitely come up with more passive career tips and hacks sharing my own blogging and freelancing journey. So, DO SUBSCRIBE and keep loving. 


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