How to improve your hygiene with PeeSafe

Winter always means a few different things for me: Going out to my favorite cafe and giving warm sun exposure to my skin. During my day out, I used to promise myself not to use public toilet and wait until I reach home. This is definitely not safe for my health but my hygiene is important for me. So I had to think twice before going out until I discovered PeeSafe.

Why I use it

I am strict to my hygiene and health safety. A clean white tiled washroom of a luxurious place may look clean but it is not germ free. Being an woman, I want me to stay away from harmful bacteria and it’s infections. I am an engineer and an active blogger, I have to travel around. In such situation I don’t want my hygiene to lag behind due to loads of work. So PeeSafe is the all time solution for me which I never forget to carry.


How to improve your hygiene using PeeSafe

I am thankful to the day when I discovered PeeSafe. It has made my lifestyle easy and safe. Whenever I go out, I carry it in my handbag along with all my daily need essentials. I feel comfort to use public washroom now. All I do is, shake the spray, spray a little amount of PeeSafe on the toilet seat and wait for 5 seconds. And I am fully protected to use the public washroom wherever I go.

How to help women in your community

It was so hurtful when I heard that girls are forced to drop out of schools due to lack of sanitation facilities in our country. Is it right thing to do so without taking a step towards improving sanitation facilities? As bloggers, we have taken our step forward. We are introducing this tiny goddess of health safety with fun Instagram post and themed round ups on our blogs. We will reach our goal when no girl will be forced to stop her education and no woman will suffer from deadly infection due to unhygienic environment. For that we need your help and support. Share and promote PeeSafe among people and give them a safer life.

This product is absolutely inexpensive in comparison to the safety it provides. You can easily buy it from Flipkart and Amazon.

(This is a sponsored post on behalf of PeeSafe. All opinions are 100% mine)


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  1. Wow this is so good I need it in my life.. it’s always difficult to use public toilets for this reason but this is a great idea.. hopefully they have it in France.

    1. Thank you :). This has made my life healthier and safe.I definitely recommend you to have one. This product is available at amazon. To grab one ,Click here

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