It Works! DIY Lip Scrub Tutorial Inspired By Vogue

DIY lip scrub

I have been a big believer in natural self-care routines. Recently, I have come across a tutorial of DIY lip scrub by Priyanka Chopra in Vogue and I thought to try this out. Like our other body parts, our lips need exfoliation too. As lips are the smoothest part of our body we need to be very gentle with them. The Vogue inspired DIY lip scrub tutorial is super easy and I have found it very helpful. So today, I’ve recreated the recipe and going to share the tutorial and the results with my readers.DIY lip scrub
Being in the peaceful aura of Northeast of India, I am inclined to take care of myself with natural ingredients. The Vogue Inspired DIY lip scrub doesn’t require any chemical-riched products. So, let’s make Priyanka Chopra’s DIY lip scrub and see how it works.

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Tutorial and Results of DIY Vogue Inspired Lip Scrub By Priyanka Chopra:

To prepare the lip scrub we require:

  • Two tablespoons of Sea-salt: As we are making a natural DIY lip scrub, I recommend you to use ingredients that are low in chemicals. To prepare this, I have used Vigour 100% Natural Raw Sea Salt and you can easily pick it from Amazon.

DIY lip scrub


  • One tablespoon of Glycerine: I have picked a Glycerine from a medical store but if you can not find that, you can use Skincare glycerine by Khadi.

DIY lip scrub

  • One tablespoon of Rosewater. The Rosewater is also picked from a medical store but the Herbal Rosewater by Khadi works great too.

DIY lip scrub


The procedure to make DIY lip scrub is super easy. All you need to do is just take all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them together. Apply the mixture gently on your lips and keep rubbing your lips with the fingers. After one or two minutes, wash it away and rub your lips with a rough towel. And it works :)

The sea salt is widely used as a scrub. It removes dead cells from body parts and makes it super smooth. When we add rosewater and glycerine to sea salt, it gives a texture and makes it softer so that we can use it to exfoliate our lips. This Vogue inspired lip scrub tutorial by Priyanka Chopra is definitely one of my favorites. It requires ingredients that can be found easily in our homes and also very easy to make. For a busy lifestyle, where we have very little time to take care of ourselves, the DIY lip scrub can definitely be your bestie.

DIY lip scrub

DIY lip scrub

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