How to Monetize your Blog in 5 Effective Ways


If you have gone through my previous post How to build your own blog in 7 steps, then you must be waiting for this blog post “ How to monetize your blog“.

Starting a blog for profit is 100% exciting and real. When somebody asks me How to make money online, my answer is -blogging. Blogging is the safest and easiest way to make money online. If you have a blog in your hand and not sure whether it is going to make money or not, trust me it definitely can. If you have right strategies in place it won’t take years to make your first income. Today I will be discussing those secret cards that successful bloggers used to play.Monetize

Now, if you are fully dedicated to making money from your blog, treat your blog as your business. Do not under any circumstances let anyone make you feel guilty for having money making mindset about your blog. Make sure you have a fully prepared mindset of a business person and your business have some value. You are contributing to the world in some ways and if you are making money while doing that, there is nothing wrong about.

I started my blog on October’17 and till now it has made $113-as in, yes, I either had that money paid to me via Paypal/direct deposit, or I received referral credits to companies I actually use. I know this is not a big amount in comparison to other bloggers make but I literally had no idea about blogging when I started. It took time to educate myself and figuring out the right strategies. That is why I decided to write this post. This guide will walk you through all the strategies you should apply on your blog so that it makes full-time income for you.

Top ways to monetize your blog:

Affiliate Marketing:

I’ve probably skipped no videos to learn how affiliate marketing actually works. It will make your head spin if you research how much money a blogger can make doing affiliate marketing. It is limitless if you get the key to unlocking it.

What is Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is actually a promotional program offered by various companies. If you apply for an affiliate program, they will give you a customized referral link. If someone purchases a product from their site using your referral link, you will make a commission. The commission is different from site to site. (I will talk about top referral programs that pay a high commission) . Looks pretty simple?? No, it is not until you have some correct promotional methods. Let’s say if you have a referral link to a beauty product of Amazon and promoted it through your social media accounts. Why people will buy it?? Why they will click on your link if they can directly purchase it from Amazon. In these cases, bloggers can play their cards. Because blogger has a platform to connect with audiences and make them believe on their words as well as on the product. Instead of directly copy-paste your referral link, just follow the below steps-

Affiliates who follow these steps, earn five times higher amount than normal copy-paste link. (Some bloggers use Landing pages, notices or announcements to catch the eyes of audiences. I mostly use a relevant blog post.)

Being a blogpreneur is not an overnight task but if you are determinant you can be at the sky-high level. Click To Tweet

At this point I again want to mention, go for a self-hosted blog rather than free hosted if you want your blog to earn money. I have already mentioned benefits of self-hosted blog over free hosted on my previous blog post The ultimate guide for blogging.

Having your own hosted blog is a huge + for your income.

  • You can use affiliate links with the minimum number of page views.

  • You have a control over your own content. You can customize it and make it look attractive as per you want.

  • Search engine detects self-hosted blog faster than Free hosted, which increases the number of your audiences.

  • You can track your audience with the help of Google Analytics for Self-hosted blog.

I certainly won’t recommend you to invest hundreds of dollars at the very beginning. As a beginner, I would like to suggest you go for . They offer excellent service at less than $4/month with a free domain. Almost 80% bloggers including me use their service and by far I have not faced any problem with it.

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Top 10 Affiliate marketing programs to monetize your blog : ( For beginners, easy to use)


I use Linkshare most of the time to hang an affiliate banner on my sidebar widget area. Linkshare is an Affiliate marketing platform who pays the great amount from most of the advertisers. The thing I love most about Linkshare is- the advertisers provide a variety of banner to promote with SEO score. You can easily the banners which fit your website. I have found that really helps.

Click here to get instant access to Linkshare (Rakuten marketing affiliate) and start earning money


CJ Affiliates (Commission Junction)

This Affiliate marketing platform offers a high payout. They are connected with a huge number of advertisers around the world. I applied for CJ Affiliate when my blog was just a baby. I would like to advise that do not apply for CJ Affiliate if you are very new to the blogging community. Build some audiences first and then apply. Because most of the applications will be rejected manually due to the low traffic of your blog. But if you have a huge number of audiences, rock your blog with CJ affiliate.

Click here to get instant access to CJ Affiliates and start earning money


This is one of the best affiliate platforms to start you. Even if you are a new blogger, you can get instant access to more than 20,000 advertisers.

Click here to get instant access to Skimlinks and start earning money


Being a Lifestyle blogger this is my favorite affiliate marketing site. Maven is perfect for bloggers related to Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty and Art and Craft. They have a bunch of shareable product banner which you can promote using your own social media sites. I prefer this site because Maven is easy to use. You can save your favorite product to your Pinterest board and make a sale. If someone clicks on your shared product and make a purchase, you will get a commission in return. (Even if they purchase another product using your link, you will receive the same commission)

Click here to get instant access to Maven and start earning money

Creative Market

Creative Market is the blogger’s favorite site. This awesome place provides thousands of unique Themes and Fonts and other graphics at a very cheap price as low as $2.(They also come with freebies every week). You can use your affiliate link and help your art lover audiences to get everything on one platform. This beautiful platform looks likes this-

Click here to get instant access to creative market and start earning money

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Affiliates is the largest and trustable marketplace now. People do not hesitate to buy a product from Amazon. You can find all variety of products you want to promote in one place. No matter what is your blog niche, you can easily make commission using their product link. Their commission list come comes up like this-


Click here to get instant access to Amazon Afiliates and start earning money

There are many more Affiliate programs in the room you can apply for. These platforms have helped me a lot to understand the geometry of How to earn money using Affiliate Programs. I hope it will have an impact on you too.

Sponsored Post

Being a blogger, I am sure you are very much into social media marketing (SMM) and brand endorsing. Let me tell you in brief what I am talking about. You can monetize your blog by a sponsored post.

If you have a blog with very attractive content and an impressive number of audiences, brands across the world need you. You can be a great help in leading the sales of their products. They will ask you to write a blog post on describing their product in a creative way and publish it on your blog. When your visitors visit your blog and see the blog post of the product, definitely the brand will be followed by a huge number of audiences. And for that, you will be paid a healthy amount. ( Generally, a blogger with great page views and followers charges minimum $100-$200 for a sponsored blog post). Being a blogger I just love the way to monetize my blog using sponsored posts.

To see how a sponsored post looks like and work, you can go through my recent sponsored post: How to improve your hygiene with PeeSafe

How can you get a sponsored post

Reaching a brand by dropping a mail at their “Contact Us” site, doesn’t make it happen. So, there are a great number of websites or platforms which connect you with brands. They work as a middle person between influencer and brand. Where you just need to make your complete profile and you can apply for the campaigns of a brand.

5 sites that pay you to blog:

  1. Linqia : Linqia is the website followed by most of the bloggers. Through its strong network, a blogger can earn a great money month after month doing the sponsored post. All you need to just set up your profile and once you are approved, wait for your sponsored post. Linqia will reach you directly on your mail. When you will accept the offer, the brand will send you all the material and tell you the process. I have been using Linqia and I must say it is the best friend of bloggers.
  2. Glambassador : Glambassador is a platform perfect for new bloggers with a large number of Social media followers. It is easy to apply in Glambassador for a sponsored post. You do not have to go through a long procedure to be approved or apply for a campaign. Glambassador is easy and simple to use.
  3. Izea : Izea is another platform where you can get paid via sponsored post. Whenever you match a campaign, it appears on their Sponsorship board and you can bid on the campaign according to the budget. Through Izea you can get 2-3 sponsored campaign at one time and it is a very beautiful thing for bloggers.
  4. Pay you to blog : A very helpful site for newbies. You just need to sign up and you can get sponsored opportunity very quickly. They pay less but I totally recommend it if you are new to the blogging community.
  5. Influence Network : Influence Network is another platform that helps a blogger to get connected with brands. You can apply signing up their form once you are approved you will get sponsored opportunities very quickly.

The number is large, but these are the websites which are very helpful for bloggers to build a strong connection with brands.

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Do you know if you have a blog you can easily monetize it through Freelancing? Freelancing is a way to offer your talent to buyers and get paid. And if you have a blog it will work as your live portfolio and your chance to be the winning bidder increases. In this regard, I highly recommend you to go through my previous blog post: How do I earn money through Freelancing 

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5 well-paid Freelancing site for bloggers:

FiverrFiverr is the largest freelancing site today. Instead of applying, you need to create a gig offering your talent related to your blog niche. Clients will come and purchase your gig. You can even promote it on your social media sites.

Upwork : Upwork is a very well known Freelancing platform. This platform is very user-friendly and provides a flexible service. I have been using this platform since last few months. In Upwork  it is easy to start a contract. I prefer this platform if you are a new seller. In Upwork, you can start to apply for low rate project to get some good feedback.

Some other Freelancing websites that pay you to blog:


Ad-sense is another simple way to monetize your blog. This is the basic thing done by new bloggers to monetize their site. All you need to do is just place some ads on your site and whenever visitors visit you and click on the ads, you get paid. The amount per visitor is small but if you have a large number of visitors you can earn a good amount of money from Ad-sense.

Sell your service

This is a great way to monetize your blog where profit is unstoppable. You can sell things via your blog. Well, those things can be Physical or Digital. You can sell e-books, courses, graphics and many more digital products through your blog. Listen to your audiences and provide them a valued product, where they would like to invest some money. I would like to give you a small advice before start selling online is- engage your readers consistently and make them believe in your service. Be careful when you will start selling your very first product. This is going to determine the future of your blog. A happy and satisfied customer can bring thousand more customers to your product and your earning will reach sky high.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Do you know, while you monetize a blog your content contributes 20% and social media contributes 80%. You have probably heard that a huge traffic site makes a large amount of money. It is true and if you are starting a blog make sure to keep strong your social media accounts.

Not necessarily you need to have thousands of followers on InstagramFacebook , Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest. But if you have, that’s great. Keep sharing your blog posts and products on your social media. Not only once, you. have to promote it several times to keep your followers engaged with your blog.

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These are 5 beginner’s ways to monetize your blog. To monetize your blog is easy, you just need to apply right strategy at the right place and most importantly patience. 

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A simple introduction: I am a girl with no Digital marketing background. My parents are teachers and no way related to blogging. I just have some big dreams and a determined mind to fulfill it. I started from ZERO and totally understand the struggle of a blogger. But I have also seen and experienced HOW DOES A BLOG WORK AND IT CAN CHANGE SOMEONE’S LIFE. I get inspiration from my self-made blog and I want to spread these positive vibes through all the contents of my Digital Marketing section. 

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