Few pages can improve your life||Why I prefer travel journal

Hello readers!! Today is a special day because I am gonna talk to you about my favorite thing-travel. Wait wait!!I am not gonna talk about my favorite place to visit and things to eat,I will talk about the story of after travel.Yes guys,about my customized travel journal.
If you have been following me on Instagram,you might have seen that I frequently explore places,capture pictures and make memories.Except keeping them save in my desktop folder,I love to store them in a notebook that is my travel journal. After all no chance of getting crashed at least.

You might be thinking what is the point of wasting soo much time if we can do it at just one click.Well let me tell you why you should do this.
1.First of all,A big NO guys,it is not time consuming at all.In fact it is super quick and much more fun to do. I spent lots of time in watching DIY travel journal (I guess I have watched more than 100) and always thought it is as a waste of time. But once I started making my own journal, HOLLY CRAP!! It can be done under few minutes.
2.A travel journal can keep you occupied and make your memories strong. Whenever I see my travel journal of previous tour,it really takes me to those happy days of my life. I feel alive and makes me proud of my adventurous life.

3. HEY!!!No soft virus can ever harm your travel journal. Once I crashed my hard disc and I lost my all documents. It really made me cry for so long. I can totally feel the pain of it and definitely don’t want you to suffer the same. Thats why I recommend travel journal over a folder on your computer.
4.Travel journal wont create headche. All the hours of a day we keep on swiping and swiping. And at your free time,you definitely don’t want to swipe again to refresh your memories. At least I never want to do that. So,make a travel journal and celebrate turning pages and say bye to swiping screens.Give rest to your eyes for some time in a day.

5.And last but not least, ravel journal is a positive vibe and a good habit to organize your life. Writing and organize things in some paper actually brings discipline to your lifestyle. Again in the evening,if you go through your previous journey with a warm coffee in balcony,trust me friends you will feel more alive and strong.

So,start from today only. Take your first step by grabbing some beautiful travel journal at lowest cost.
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  1. Archita Chaliha says: Reply

    Very Beautiful Article.. Keep it up!!

    1. Thank you soo much dear.Keep motivating:)

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