How to plan a stress-free trip: Ultimate Resource Guide

The winter sun is undoubtedly magical, especially when you are done with your semester and idea of travel pops up in your head. Whenever I am tired and feel like I need a break, I find travel works in the most refreshing way possible. Wait!! What?? Isn’t travelling to an unknown place with the load of budget stressful? Well, it is definitely not as I have some useful resources to make my trip stress-free and relaxing.

After a long semester I don’t want to take some extra load when I am on my trip. To make next trip a perfect and memorable one, I make an organized plan beforehand. Whether or not you’re vibing with me, You will love the great ideas to plan your trip.

The ultimate resource list

Make an advance cost estimation

So, if you have been following me, you might know that I am all about travelling in style and my style encompasses a lot of comfort and freedom. But it pains when I see the inflated prices of comfort travel destinations. So I am always determined to find ways to start planning a trip on smart budget. Don’t forget to check out my last blog post  How can you save money while travelling if you are excited to finding some of my all time favorite travel hacks.

This is the very first thing I do while planning for a trip- do: an advance cost estimation. If I estimate a number of spending, I can put certain amount aside per week and save it for my trip. Lets say, if you keep $20 aside every week, at the end of your month you will have extra $80 in your hand. In case you are travelling with your partner, that’s great!! Ask him to do the same and at the end of your month you guys will save $160, which is extremely a good amount. It is always wise to be prepared for extra cost. You may not include that in your plan, but I suggest you to save some for “just in case” situation to stay stress-free. If you have planned your trip and still have few more days to pack your bag, you can spend your free time by making some extra money which can be utilized on your next trip. In that regards, don’t forget to check out


Do a proper research

Traveling to a place knowing nothing about it will never fall in you favor. Open up the map and google and do a research on your destination. Find out all the attractions of the place and note down in a copy-

  • What kind of accommodation is available in that place?
  • What is the food cousins available in that place?
  • Is there any local cultural event will be going on during your travel dates?
  • What is the feasible transportation facilities? Can you hire a bike for few days?(In case if you want to)
  • What are the famous shopping spots?

Start narrowing down how do you want to spend your holidays and make an organized stress-free plan. Let me help you to do these researches.

Tripadvisor : If you want to know about a place in detail with all available resources of the place, Tripadvisor works as an ultimate travel guide. You can also see some real reviews from recent travelers which will definitely help you to make a decision.

Tour deal

If you are too lazy to carry out the research, there is an another option where you can still travel stress-free. There are some companies which will make your full trip and keep you aside from some works. You just need to pay some amount of your travel budget to them and they will do everything for you starting from Air tickets, Accommodation, Local Visit, Entry pass for an event and all. In fact you can save a huge amount of money too.

Tour4FunTour4Fun makes super luxurious trip on budget across the world. The company has earned some very good feedback from customers as they focus on full customer satisfaction.Their tour packages come with some great discounts with Student discount and Military discount separately.

Currently they are offering a deal where you can save an amount as high as $300


The December Travel Guide is here! Maximize your Holiday Adventures with up to 20% off trips at!

Make My Trip : Make My Trip is another company who builds tour packages for travelers. They always offer a great discount on tour packages. It has always been my  stress-free Travel path finder. is the place which gives me comfort accommodation every time. I have mentioned the details of my Genius account on my previous blog post: How can you save money while travelling: Cheap yet luxurious . Once you get qualified for Genius account, you will have many discounts, benefits and sometimes welcome wine on your booked hotel.

Ebates: If you want to get cashback, use Ebates and get cashback on Hotel stay, Cruises or Spa trips. You will also earn $10 when you join Ebates.

Airbnb: I love this site for homely experience. Book your home-stay through Airbnb using my referral link and you will get 1200 Rs off on your first travel.

Travel accessories


It is important to pack your bag well for a stress-free trip. Imagine you have woke up in the morning and then only you realize you have forgot to bring your toothbrush. Can something be worse than that? It has happened with me and so I know how much it is important to pack carefully all your travel essentials.

There are some items I consider essential everywhere I go.

Sneak peek of my all time favorite travel essentials :


Don’t limit yourself with your planning

Sometimes it is good to break the rules. Do something out of your plannings to make your trip a perfect one. One of my favorite thing to do when I travel with my partner is to have an evening walk and warm tea in roadside stalls of that place. He loves to talk with local people and learn two or three words in their language, And I totally enjoy the conversation!! :)

Explore the place, go to the coffee shops, bars, talk with people, engage yourself with their culture; I am sure your holidays will be worth spending.

And Last but not least I want to talk about Travel Insurances

Travel Insurances are necessary. It may happen sometimes that you could not make the trip happen but your bookings are done already, you’ve missed the flight due to high traffic jam or you may fall sick in time. In these situation, Travel Insurances provide full coverage. If you want to know more about Travel insurances check out Roam-Right.

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They provide wide ranges of Travel insurances depending on your needs. The best part is you can claim it from your computer, or you can directly talk to their customer service. They work like a precaution for a stress-free travel.


RoamRight cruise travel insurance

P.S : Yayy!! I have all in one page. Check out my entire list of all “Must have Travel Accessories on Pinterest


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    Can’t say it’s the same in the West. hah.

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