Self-care routine out of your busy shedule

Today I woke up at 7 am and made a cup of tea and breakfast for me. I am feeling super fresh and happy. Yes, self-care is important and I am a big believer of it. It arranges your life in a nice disciplined way and keep your mind clear with positiveness. Being a hostel living girl I clearly understand that self-care is absolutely very tough for us. If I keep on running all day long, hardly have 4 hours of sleep, eat whatever I can get easily; of course I will never have time for self-care. It took long time for me to discovered that self-care is a way to prioritize yourself without taking extra time out of your day.


Why Self-care is important:

We love chocolates. We could have gone for a simple Dairy milk. But why we mostly look for pea-nut, oreo or smooth silk flavor?? Because If the cost is same or little more, we always prefer the flavored one. Then why are we still happy with our entry-level?? Our life can upgrade to no limit, only if we want.

Along with our physical needs- food,water,air,shower we also need mantle and emotional stability which is much easier to ignore. When was the last time you made a coffee for yourself without being in hurry?? When was the last time you cleaned your nails and give some attention to your body??  go to link We lose ourselves in the hustle sometimes, because we’re told that it’s the only route to success. 

If you are still living a life without a habit of self-care, I strongly recommend you to switch your lifestyle.



How to start a self-care habit:

Self-care is the way to finding out the ways that can make you life better and implement it into your lifestyle without taking extra time. How do you clean your room?? By placing the right thing at right place,correct?? That’s what we should do with our life too.

Sticky note idea

A sticky note before going to sleep won’t take hours. And that is the starting point of your new lifestyle. Make bullet points of  to-do list of tomorrow, stick it on the wall and fall asleep on your comfy bed. Tomorrow when you will finish all those noted things, you can arrange the to do list of the next day and have a proper sleep. A proper sleep is the point from where you actually implement your self-care routine.

Workout lifestyle

Make slot for your workout or yoga. Remember, workout involves your body not your mind. And that involvement is necessary for your health. In hostel life if workout is exhausting after class, make a morning routine. It will boost up your energy and keep you alive for the all day long. Just play some blast music and start your day focusing on yourself.

Avoid procrastination

On the way of your beautiful lifestyle, don’t allow that monster to enter. If you’re the only one responsible for your own self-care, it’s easy to say “I’ll do it later.” and then never, ever do it. But biggest thing about self care is for you and by you. If you make excuses, you are gonna harm yourself. Instead of that, finish your work at time and make your sleep better without keeping in head extra load of tomorrow.

Use the time of in between

Still not lunch-time?? Go to your Instagram feed and follow some useful pages. Utilize those empty space on enhancing yourself. Or you can just sitting in the bench outside and note down what are you going to eat for dinner.

Self care is not OKAY, it’s important

To keep happy your favorite people around, you should be happy at first. For that you have to be satisfied with the life you have chosen. Your satisfaction will reflect on your body and you can keep your surrounding happy. You have some responsibilities, some duties towards your friends and family, towards your community. But you won’t accomplish anything if you’re a stressed-out mess of a person. Self-care is not selfish, you cannot serve from an empty vessel. 


So now its time to start and instead of searching about self-care on internet, practice it from today. No, don’t start it from tomorrow, or the next week or the next month. Start it from today and commit to yourself. You are the only one who can make a difference. Self care is a priority and necessity,it’s not a luxury. The more you care about yourself,the more you respect yourself.




Hello, I am Kiyashmi , a 21' blogger living in North east of India,Assam. I empower soul searchers about this revolution of :Twenties and Lifestyle. I write contents to make a healthy and happy life through hobbies and travel. if you hit that 'subscribe' button - a new friend!!

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  1. Cracked d code for me…very well explained..thanks… 🙂

    1. You are welcome Vivek :). Keep reading.

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