The Ultimate SEO Checklist: Resources for Successful Blogging

SEO checklist

Long time no chat, friends! I apology for being disappeared since few days as I was improving my site and it’s rank. Now I am back to my track and I have decided to come up with an informative Blog post at least thrice in a week. :) While doing a depth research on Blogging, I have come across the importance of SEO and I thought if I am not talking about this to my readers I am missing a very important discussion. During my Blogging-break, one fellow texted me and said that he landed on my search while searching First Month Blogging Income. He found my Blog post on the very first page of Google and I was like, “Damn, I need to study a lot of SEO”. Well, this post is the result of my researches and it’s implementation. Today, I am going to share with you a big SEO Checklist that you must have while Blogging.

SEO checklist

SEO Checklist: How to Bring Massive Organic Traffic to Your Site By Improving SEO

SEO is complicated, right? But it doesn’t have to be. This Blog post is a step by step guide that will help you to write a powerful Blog post with a great SEO score.

1# Install the required plugin:

You can take your first step by installing the most powerful plugin to improve your SEO: Yoast SEO Plugin. This is a free plugin that will ensure your content is optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo or any other. While writing a Blog post, make sure that all the red buttons below turn into green.

SEO checklist

This is a major reason why you don’t see any Free hosting site on Google’s first page. Because Free hosting sites do not have the authority to install plugins. So, they are missing a large traffic as well as customers. So, I strongly recommend you to get your own Domain and Hosting and give a fresh start. Now you can start your .com Blog at only $3.95/month.

Don’t forget to get $10 cashback by activating Ebates.

2# A long tail focus Keyword:

Finding out the best focus keyword is your next element of this SEO Checklist. The idea of using a long tail focus keyword can never go wrong. My favorite Free tool to find out the best keyword is Google Keyword Planner. According to the newest policy of Google Keyword Planner, you need to enter your billing details and create a campaign. Don’t worry, just create it and pause it immediately, you won’t be charged anything. When you will enter your keyword make sure you always choose one that has low competition level and average monthly searches. Put your keyword once your H1 tag and until the red button of your SEO density turns into green. It will help your Blog to stand out among all.

3# Word count:

Exactly, you read it correct! Your words count. Search engines show the posts at the top which have at least 1200 words inside. So make sure that you create a very informative Blog post with minimum 1200 words and don’t forget to use Grammarly to avoid grammatical errors.

4# Meta Description:

Meta descriptions are very important and a must-have tool inside an SEO checklist. At the beginning of my Blogging journey, I almost ignored it for 10+ Blog posts. I want to kill myself for that. But later on, I edited all of them with a short Meta description using my focus keyword. When you use the Yoast SEO Plugin, you can have the idea of the correctness of your Meta description.

SEO checklist

5# Permalink with your focus keyword:

Does the URL of your Blog post contain your focus keyword? If no, it is the time to put it there now onwards. If you have already published your post with no focus keyword in the permalink, then I suggest you not to change it. Because it will redirect readers to the old link resulting 404 error. So, make sure to use a strong permalink for your Blog post from now.

SEO checklist

6# Focus keyword in the Alt text of all the images:

I really want to highlight this point in this SEO checklist. Beginner bloggers usually seem to forget using focus keyword in the images they use. SEO optimization of a Blog post counts when you optimize its content as well as the images by using the focus keyword.

7# Internal linking:

Internal linking is the best way to reduce the Bounce rate of your site. Now, what is Bounce rate? If a visitor lands on your site and exit without loading 2-3 pages of your site, it increases your bounce rate. That means, your readers have lost interest in reading your Blog posts so it counts under Bounce rate. Just like I did at the beginning of this post: ” During my Blogging-break, one fellow texted me and said that he landed on my search while searching First Month Blogging Income.”

Link your previous Blog post to the new one can potentially decrease your bounce rate.

So, interlink your content can improve your:

  • SEO score.
  • Visitors to your older posts.

8# Backlinks:

Backlinks are expert’s favorite to improve SEO score of a site. Now, what does backlink mean? When the owner of another site mention about your site inside their Blog post and link it back to your site, it calls backlinking. That’s where Guest Blogging can be a big help. With the help of Guest Blogging, you can get a backlink from a site as well as traffic from that site.

Here is the step by step guide that will walk you through the process of Guest Blogging.

9# Social Shares:

The more your post go viral the more it improves your SEO score. So, make sure you share your published Blog posts all over your social media. Use a Free WordPress plugin Social Warfare for your Blog and make it easy for your readers to share it if they like it. We all know that Pinterest is the powerhouse of traffic and shares. So if you want your Post to go viral on Pinterest, make sure to install Pin it WordPress plugin.  The Pin it button will appear on the image of your Blog post. It will make easy for your readers to pin the Pinterest-friendly image of your Blog post.

10# Leave comments on other’s Blog post:

Last but not the least important tool of this SEO checklist: Leave an impressive comment on other’s Blog post. It actually helps a lot to improve your SEO as well as bring organic traffic from that site you leave a comment. You lose nothing while appreciating other’s work, right? But you can receive a huge benefit if you do so and it will be counted on SEO score of your Website.

Hope this SEO checklist will help you to create a Blog post that will appear on the first page of Google. Don’t worry if you have found improving SEO is a huge task. Once you start working on it, it will come naturally. So, if you have any question regarding this checklist, please leave a comment below. Again, any addition to this SEO checklist is wholeheartedly welcomed. :)

Now, let me help you to stay organized while creating your best-ever Blog post. Download the FREE PRINTABLE SEO CHECKLIST below and paste it into your Blogging Planner. I am sure, SEO optimization will become your habit.

SEO checklist

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12 Replies to “The Ultimate SEO Checklist: Resources for Successful Blogging”

  1. Great post as always! I haven’t used google keyword planner, but I have been using jaaxy a lot lately! Gonna have to check out the keyword planner you mentioned!

    1. Thank you dear… Jaaxy is another great too. But I am obsessed with Google keyword planner. You must try it out :)

  2. A great piece of content every blogger should read. All the points mentioned here is perfect to start doing SEO of your site. On an Advanced note, I would like to recommend another few points which might help rank better in the SERP.

    1. Site Loading Speed – As Google is taking the loading time seriously, your page needs to load lightning fast.

    2. Mobile Optimize – Google is releasing mobile first index from April,18. So making your page mobile friendly can boost your crawling time as well as ranking.

    3. Analyse Link Profile – Many of the bloggers, webmaster, never check their link profile. But technically it is the most crucial thing you should consider first. There might be some links which don’t carry values technically then why you are taking those links? To perform the job ahrefs is my personal favorite but search console also does the job great.

    1. Thank you so much, Piyush for adding these great points. Definitely, all these are very important for every Blogger.

  3. carodweller says: Reply

    This is so so helpful! I do a pretty good job, but am always looking to improve!

    1. Thank you so much…same goes with me :)!! Always look to improve.

  4. pingelsisters says: Reply

    I’ve never tried the Google Keyword Planner. Thanks for the tip! Figuring out the long tail keyword I want to use is one thing that always drives me crazy.

    1. You should definitely use Google KEyword planner, it truly helped me a lot and a perfect SEO optimization tool. :)

  5. I agree 100% this is one of the best SEO checklist I have read.

    1. Thank you so much. I am very happy that it helped you. :)

  6. Wow the detailed analysis of SEO is perfectly expressed by this article. I am using many tools for keyword research and Semrush is one of my top favorite tool. I always love to work on SEO(including keyword research and competitor analysis) before writing any blog-post. This article is very well structure with bullet points on Seo checklist.

    1. Thank you so much Sagar,
      Yes, Semrush is quite a helpful tool for keywords and competition analysis. I have gone through your post and I learned about many new tools. Thanks for sharing it.

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