A serene place to visit near Kaziranga : Kakochang waterfall

If you want to live some days with nature’s incredible creations, Kaziranga is one of the greatest places to visit. You will definitely be able to see some wild lives that are almost considered as a part of Jurassic-era. Along with iconic One-horned rhinoceros, Kaziranga has been able to conserve some gifts of nature like wild water buffalo, elephants, tiger, Hoolock Gibbons and swamp deer. Now Kaziranga has become one of the most visited places in India where people come to enjoy few days with exciting flora and fauna. If you are planning a trip to this place, just don’t return without enjoying a serene hidden paradise near Kaziranga: Kakochang waterfall.

Near Kaziranga
My body, mind, and soul belong to this state as I have born and brought up in this gorgeous state of India: Assam. As you know, these days I am all about bringing out some must-visit places in North-east India. On that note, I am going to share my most recent experience at a land within mountains and jungles. Kakochang waterfall is situated in between Kaziranga National Park and Bokakhat. People hardly know about this gorgeous land near Kaziranga and I strongly recommend you to give a visit to Kakochang next time. In this Blog post, I will try my best to guide you to Kakochang waterfall where you can fully enjoy outdoor adventures like trekking and swimming in a natural pond.

How to reach to this serene place near Kaziranga:

It will take almost an hour if you are visiting from Kaziranga national park. You can book a vehicle for a day to Kakochang. Be prepared for the day, you are going to create some greatest memory in this place along with some outdoor adventures. Make sure that the driver knows the roads to Kaochang as very few people are aware of the zigzag roads to this waterfall. You can easily locate with Google Maps but you never know when the signal gets poor and your smartphone navigation system fails unexpectedly. Once you reach the spot, you need to take an entry pass and it will probably take 50 INR per vehicle.

Attractions of Kakochang waterfall :

When I heard about Kakochang waterfall, just a scene of naturally falling water popped up in my head. But once I reached the spot, it extremely surprised me. I felt like I was there attending a festival organized by the localities where I can see many stalls and hundreds of people are enjoying a picnic with their family and friends.

Smoky foods prepared by the localities:

Whenever you are going for a camping or any outdoor adventure, does the taste of BBQ foods excite you? No worries, you don’t need to bring a camping grill to enjoy the same taste. The localities out their sell grilled pork and they prepare it with their own traditional methods. Well, as I eat no meat, it’s difficult for me to explain the taste but I can feel the mouth-watering taste of it from my friends. They serve this smoky pork in a banana-tree leaf ( As it is used as food serving plate in Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies).

near kaziranga

A trek of 3.5 Km:

Before planning a day to Kakochang, remember that you are going to trek about 3.5 km to reach the final destination. So, be prepared with a comfortable shoe, a swimsuit, extra food, bottle of water and a small first aid kit. As we know cuts, scratches, cramps are natural in outdoor adventures so never go without carrying primary first aid essentials. I didn’t really feel the distance as the trek completely mesmerized me with its lush green view and natural water bodies. Sometimes I sat on a big rock in the middle of a water body and capture some memories.

near kaziranga

Swim under the fresh and milk-white waterfall:

After a trek of 3.5 km, I reached the destination and the first word came from my mouth was “WOW”. I can’t really describe the beauty of the fall and the feelings to be there. The splash of water feels like it is raining inside the forest where sunlight can barely penetrate. Wasting no time we just jumped into the water and guess what? We have been succeeded to create a beautiful memory. The water was very cold but it was extremely fresh. We just had a great time swimming in the natural water body and we discovered that we are happier than ever.

near kaziranga

This is an unspoiled natural beauty you must visit near Kaziranga. So, finally, I have been able to experience another secret paradise of North-east India.

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  1. This is a wonderful post. I would love to visit someday, and try the authentic food!

    1. Thank you, Nicki! The ethnic foods of Northeast India are truly very delicious. You should definitely try them. :)

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