How To Set Up A Successful Blogging Schedule

Blogging schedule

Hello readers, I really took a long break…After a semester break, I stuck in between my engineering classes and my Blog and I felt.. damn, I need a Blogging schedule ASAP. Can you relate?? After publishing one post you get to disappear for two weeks….your readers and social media followers hardly remember you…even your number of page views and followers are moving in a negative direction. I am struggling with how to set up a Blogging schedule successfully but lately, I’ve found some hacks of successful Blogging schedule and ready to say bye to my Blogging bounces. Excited to read?? Yayyy….. Let’s get into it.Blogging scheduling

I have been associated with Blogging for 1.5 years and successfully established my own Blog in October’17. I’ve learned a lot during last 5 months…a lot of Blogging. Initially, I didn’t have much knowledge about Make money Blogging but later on when I made my First Affiliate sale,  I thought I should push my Blog further. After all, it is giving me financial perks and letting me live a nomadic life in my twenties. So, I decided to publish a Blog post every single day… me, worst decision I ever took as I couldn’t able to meet up the quality. Let’s discuss what I’ve learned about scheduling a Blog post successfully.

5 Tips to Create an Awesome Blogging Schedule:

1#Give preference to Quality over Quantity

If you are thinking of publishing 7 posts in a week to grow your Blog faster, drop that idea. I did that and I want to kill myself for doing that. To make a valuable Blog post you need to invest time in doing researches and finding out resources, that is not humanly possible unless you sit on your Blogging desk for 24 hours. Blogging is a multidimensional task….to write a viral post you need to focus on its quality. And quality depends on :

  • Words and Grammar
  • Proper keyword research
  • Length of the article
  • SEO optimization
  • Photography
  • Graphics
  • Social Shares…. and many more!!

Lots of Work that is quite impossible in a day. No, I am not speaking of consistency. Consistency is important but it doesn’t mean daily or on every alternate day. Even I am not ready to read a Blog that publishes a new post every single day as it makes me doubt on its quality. So, I have decided to concentrate on the quality of my Blog post rather than frequency. I will be less frequent but every time I will come up with a super resourceful post for my readers. :).

2#Sharing is Caring

Blogging schedule

Have you ever published three, four Blog post at one time and never shared them on Social media?? Look who is asking….. I have done it..not once, twice or thrice…I did that with a complete section of my Blog. Later on, I’ve able to break the code and discovered “A successful Blogger spend more time on sharing than Blogging”. This fact has changed my Blogging scenario and I have taken another step towards my successful Blogging schedule. And you know what?? Power of social media can save your Blog. I still get quite a good amount of views on my 2 months of an old Blog post… all because I started to spend time on social media. Here are few things you need to know while sharing on social media :

  • Share your Blog post as immediate as possible… And yes, in all of your social channels.
  • I personally prefer sharing my post in 2-3 FB groups daily… It helps me to track my readers and understand them via interaction.
  • Don’t hesitate to share your old Blog Post occasionally.
  • Pinterest and Tailwind can explode your Blog by making your Blog Post go viral.

Therefore, I have decided to save a time separately just to promote my Blog Post. By far, I can see a visible difference on “Then vs Now” scenario of my Blog.

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3#Make a Blogging Planner according to your comfortable time

We all are scheduled person, knowingly or unknowingly.. right from breakfast, lunch to dinner. So, why not to make a schedule for our Blogs?? Trust me, making a Blogging schedule will save your time and help you to improve your Blog. If you are reading this post, just take a pen and paper and make your Blogging schedule for next week. I have already planned mine…..excited to share it with you :)

Blogging Schedule

This is my in-general Blogging schedule for next week, now it’s your turn to lift up your Blog with your comfortable timing!!

 4#Try to meet the deadline

Just because you are the owner and you are the employ, don’t take your Blogging schedule light. This is for improvement of your Blog as well as your finance. If you have decided to publish three resourceful Blog post, try to meet this goal. Especially when you are up for a Guest Blogging, do not disappoint your clients with your delayed service. Try to meet deadlines as long as you can. Punctuality always lifts up your professionalism. Sometimes I meet misfortune and cannot submit my Guest Post in time…an apology letter can save me at that time but I push myself harder twice in next time and put my all efforts to cover up that misfortune.

5#Make some Pin-worthy shareable Graphics

As I have already mentioned “Blogging is all about sharing”, creating some Pin-worthy graphics should be a part of your Blogging schedule. Why Pin-worthy?? Well….who doesn’t want a Blog post to go viral, right? And Pinterest is your best friend to make your post viral. I came to know after using Pinterest for two months why Bloggers say not to underestimate the power of Pinterest. Pinterest is the master of organic traffic and to grab massive organic traffic to your Blog Post, you need to do some couple of things:

  • Invest one or two hours on Canva, Picmonkey or whatever software you use to make Blog-worthy graphics.
  • Make some eye catchy Pin with bright pictures. I mostly use Pexels (Free stock photos) to grab some beautiful pictures.
  • Pin sizes that go viral : 600 * 900 (px), 600 * 2100 (px), 736 * 1128 (px). Research says that vertical Pins performs 65%  better than normal Pins.
  • Schedule at least 55-60 times in a day…tough to manage time??? No worry, Tailwind is ready to do that for you.

Following the mentioned data, create some Pin-worthy pictures to explode your Blog with massive organic traffic.

These are my personal Blogging schedule that truly helped me to improve my Blog. If you are following any other awesome ways to keep your Blog alive and active please comment down below. I am still learning Blogging management and would love to learn from you.

Hope these tips helped you :). If you are looking to learn more about work from home with Blogging, I cordially invite you to join my Facebook community and learn Blogging tips from talented Bloggers worldwide. I will keep on sharing my Blogging tips as well as my Blogging experience… Till then, stay tuned! :)

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  1. Dr Kamal Krishna Nath says: Reply

    Thanks for the superb advices which will be very helpful for bloggers who is struggling to get some initial steps in the world of blogging

    1. You are most welcome Dr Kamal!! I have written this post with my own experience. I am very glad it helped. :)

  2. I love this. I stopped putting out as much content because I was realizing my quality wasn’t as great and have decided to focus on SEO.

    1. Hey Ashley…thanks a lot :). It happens when we are baby bloggers..with time we realize the importance of quality over quantity. :)

  3. This is gold I’m just getting started, thank you so much! <3

    1. I am soo happy that it helped you!! :) Welcome to Blogger’s world :)

  4. Thank you for all the helpful tips! I’m definitely on working on my own blogging schedule.

    1. A resourceful article with good graphics always go viral. All the best Czerina. I am sure you will come up with an awesome one :)

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