Skin care routine without compromising on Make up

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It is not polite to say that we are killing our own skin applying Make up daily. It is true that Make up has become a part of our life now but it is high time to switch our priority from Make up to skin care. No, I am not telling you to sacrifice your beautiful make up collection. In fact I am a big fan of Make up. Today I will talk about how do I balance my skin care and Make up simultaneously.

I follow a daily nude make up routine for my college. As I click my picture daily, I definitely don’t wanna look dead or sleepy head in my pictures. So I follow a normal make up routine daily. I have been doing this probably since last three years. I wouldn’t be able to look at my skin today if I would have totally ignored skin care. Before buying any kind of Make up, we see the result. But have you ever tried to figure out what brings that result? Pick up your foundation and read the name of the ingredients written on it. All of them are chemicals which we can hardly pronounce and we are applying these daily  on our skin without having any information about it. Don’t worry, you still have time to bring back your natural skin.

Top 5 hacks to follow skin care without compromising on Make up

Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits

If you really want your skin to be strong enough to fight against flaws of Make up, provide it some healthy food. Green vegetables and fruits contain lots of beneficial ingredients which make our immune system strong. So even if you wear Make up daily, you have your gladiators ready to fight against them. Every fruit and vegetable  contains different ingredients. Try to have at least one meal where you include fruits and vegetables. It will definitely bring awesome result.

Remove your make up before going to bed

Overnight stay of Make up is harmful for your skin. Within that six hours those chemicals and suck your skin glow. So, always keep a slot for make up removal before going to bed. In fact, make it a habit. Now let me tell you my make up removal secret. I do not use Make up remover. Instead of that take some cotton with coconut oil and apply on your skin in reverse direction. Coconut oil is natural replacement of make up remover and it also keep your skin alive all night long.

Drink lots of water

Your skin reflects how much water you have in a day. Splashing water daily is not sufficient for a healthy skin. Drinking of water is also important to moisturize and keep our skin clean.

Try to wear Organic Make up

I strong recommend you to go for Organic Make up products. Earlier I used products which contain lots of chemicals. But when I switched my Make up products to Organic, I saw clear improvement of my skin. Organic make ups are non-toxic which keep your skin pure and fresh. If you are a beginner, I definitely want you to choose Organic Make up products. I would like to introduce you some of my favorite Organic Make up products which totally fits my sensitive skin.

Try out home remedies to clean your skin

Instead of going to luxurious expensive parlor, I highly recommend you to treat your skin with natural home remedies. I decided to do scrub myself few months back. In every weekend, I clean my skin with my DIY scrub where I use caffeine, sugar and honey. I mix them up and apply on my skin. And trust me it shows far better result than any expensive scrub. Thus you can find thousands of options in internet according to your skin behavior.

So, these are all hacks I have been using since three years without giving up my Make up. Remember, your skin is sensitive and it needs your care and protection. If you want to know more about my college lifestyle, subscribe  me and follow me on Instagram.

Let me introduce you with some best selling Organic Make up products that I have been using since long and they are giving best result every single time.



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  1. I know this before.But no girls will listen to you.Actually their intention is not to make their skin clean.Their intention is to look fair.That is why,they do make ups.

    1. Hello Abdul Zahid, I am sure most of the girls are unaware of it and that is why I have written this blog post. I hope this information can help them out.

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