Sweater weather: Top Trendy Sweater of Winter 2017

Sweater weather is on the door and I am so much excited for Winter 2017. This peaceful season has always been my favorite and every time I am all about discovering some fashion that keeps me warm. I have decided to give a make over to my wardrobe during this winter.

I have been searching for some unique collection of winter wear on some of my favorite online stores. Unfortunately I cannot spend hundreds of dollar on a sweater, but that doesn’t make me give up on my idea of winter fashion. For those who have been following me on Instagram are definitely aware of my winter preparation.

Today I would like to disclose my shopping secret with you- Zaful. The most impressive thing I love about this store is that they offer top trendy cloths at price that you can’t beat. For the first time when I was introduced to Zaful, I was like, what??seriously?? This beautiful outfit comes under $20?? It has become my favorite store to shop online. I can save few money and buy 2-3 outfits from it.

I did some research on Zaful to find out the best sweater at best price. Most of them comes under $15 (under Rs 1000),excited to explore?? Lets fall in love with this winter.

Shop your favorite look




Have you found your favorite one??  Which sweater you want to buy? I am asking because I have a good news for you. Zaful is offering Free worldwide shipping on their Cyber Sale. You grab your favorite one at minimum price and you don’t even need to pay for shipping. These all are my favorite picks.

You can find more styles on their website:


Hurry up!! You won’t find these at such a low price. So lets talk fashion and don’t forget to subscribe for more exciting deals. Happy winter :)



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