How to take care of dry skin during winter

Hello winter!! I am all prepared to celebrate my favorite season of the year. But the sad part is my skin loses it’s softness and moisture during this season. I stay in hostel and it is difficult for me to invest extra time on taking care of my dry skin. I was about to hate winter until I discovered some easy ways to keep my skin alive and smooth. I have been following those secret hacks since last winter and I am all prepared to start this time too.

Does your winter skin problem match with mine

I hate looking at mirror during winter season. Some white spots appear on my skin and it is irritating. I can not even apply basic make up because of dryness.

If you are suffering from same skin issues in winter then this blog post is for you.

How I manage to take care of my dry skin during winter

Drink lots of water

I know I have mentioned the toughest one at the very beginning. We are not thirsty during winters, that is why our skin get dry. Even if we don’t get thirsty, our skin needs water. I Drink 7-8 liters of water daily  and it keeps my skin moisturized for all day long.

Use Vaseline

Vaseline is my best friend during winter season. This petroleum jelly  helps me to remove dryness from my skin. I always apply a medium amount of Vaseline before going to sleep all over my face. In next morning when I wake up, I can find no dryness on my skin.

Another hacks of Vaseline that I follow- If you find a part of your face has become dried and got some white rashes, apply some amount of Vaseline in that area  and remove it with a rough towel. It will instantly take away all the dryness from your skin.

Avoid using whitening cream

Its more important to keep your skin healthy than to look fair. Whitening creams in winter never fall in my favor. I avoid using these on my dry skin. Be careful about what you are applying on your skin during winter. Find products that contain ingredients like aloevera , honey, butter etc which can provide hydration to your skin.

I am using Joves Youth active Blueberry and Grapes Face cream during this winter as my base face cream. With SPF-16, it resists the production of melanin and brings glow to my skin. This cream is full of herbal ingredients which give requisite hydration to skin and protects skin from dryness as well as harmful sun rays.



Remember!! Your skin is the softest part of your body. It needs your care and attention.

Check out these winter favorite skin care appliances and  give a new life to your skin.


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