How to Take Perfect Instagram Photos : 10 killer ideas

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The absolute best idea to increase your follower list of Instagram is to post consistently. But it is not always easy to come up with new ideas daily and upload a beautiful picture every day. You need to maintain the theme with new ideas to keep your followers engaged. Joining an Instagram challenge can help you to create a beautiful feed where you can jump in anytime. Let’s forget about this short-term idea and try out something natural. This post is all about to spark your creativity and hit your feed with Perfect Instagram Photos.Perfect Instagram pictures

I can’t take off my eyes when I see the feed of my favorite Instagram accounts. The pictures look so beautiful and they take it in most creative way possible. Earlier I felt, maybe they live in a colorful town, therefore pictures come so beautiful. Maybe they have an excellent expensive camera to take pictures. And yes, thinking about these all matters about their perfect Instagram photos, I gave up on my account.

Well…let me tell you, there is no magic of expensive camera behind those gorgeous pictures. The only thing you need- be confident in your own creativity. If I can do, anybody can!!
perfect Instagram photos

10 Killer Ideas to Take Perfect Instagram Photos

1. Look tall:

When you look tall in a picture, it looks naturally beautiful. Even if you are 5’2”, doesn’t matter at all. Your angle can make you look tall. Take your picture from below and ask your photographer to take a picture when you are walking around.

perfect Instagram photos                                        perfect Instagram photos

2. Take different view:

Whenever you are trying to perfect Instagram photos, don’t only focus on yourself. Your background has a big contribution in making your picture perfect. It is totally fine if you do not have a natural beauty around, your grayish street can be a perfect background.

3. Behind the scenes:

Insta people love to see a picture from behind. Take a picture from the back and give them a glimpse how do you work all day. You still can look fashionable wearing your favorite watch and nail paint.

perfect Instagram photos

4. Quote it:

People love to read inspirational quotes. If they can relate it to them, congratulation!! you have some new followers and a step toward an account with perfect Instagram photos.

perfect Instagram photos

5. Display our work:

Why do people follow you? Because they love to see what you show. And if you display your work with your pictures, you can definitely be an ideal for them and you get some constant followers.

eg, I am a blogger and upload my latest post every time on Instagram. My followers love to read my posts. If you are a model, a designer or an artist, show your work through your pictures.

perfect Instagram photos

perfect Instagram photos


If you have gone through my previous post How to gain Instagram followers using hashtags, You may know that #ootd is one of the most powerful hashtags all the time. Instagram is full of fashion and style and definitely a big platform to promote a brand.

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perfect Instagram photos

7. Play with the colors:

If you find something colorful, go creative and take a picture of it.

P.S – I clicked this picture in front of a roadside stall ;)

perfect Instagram photos

8. Selfie with light:

My most favorite one!! Yes, I am a selfie girl and put all efforts to click a perfect Instagram selfie.

The major hack behind a perfect selfie is light and it is very good if you can take it in natural light. Go near a window and flip your hair aside. Yeah!! You got a Perfect selfie.

perfect Instagram photos perfect Instagram photos

perfect Instagram photos

9. Friendship with the mirror:

Undoubtedly, Mirror selfies go viral on Instagram and I am a big fan of it. Find out a clean mirror and take out your phone or camera. Click yourself with a gorgeous outfit and upload it. Note that while taking mirror selfies, wear bodycon dress or top. So that, your curves get visible and a picture comes perfect.

perfect Instagram photos perfect Instagram photos

perfect Instagram photos perfect Instagram photos

10. Collage combo:

Instagram has different layouts to make a perfect college. You can pick any layout and make a combo of your photos that exactly fits Instagram.

perfect Instagram photos perfect Instagram photos

So, there you have it!! Try out these 10 ideas to take some Perfect Instagram Photos and I am sure you will see the result soon.

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Today, it has become very hard to gain real followers who engage with our IG accounts. And to be honest, a brand looks for engagement along with the number of followers. It can be possible with real followers only.

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