The Honest and Authentic Guide to Make Money on Instagram

Make money on instagram

I have been sharing a lot about make money blogging, but another trendy way to make money online is Instagram. Yes, as per the platform is growing rapidly with millions of user per month, people are starting to wonder how to use Instagram for their own benefits. You share your life on Instagram with pretty pictures and earn a BAM cash in your account. No wonder, right? But you need to have the right strategies and knowledge to turn your pictures into dollars. So I have broken down this descriptive guide into 5 bullet points to make it easier. Excited to make extra few hundred dollars from Instagram?  Read this honest and authentic guide to make money on Instagram.

WAIT!!! Before getting into the ways, what should you do first? You have to work on increasing followers, grow a loyal audience and build a community. In order to build a beneficial partnership via your Instagram account, you need to work on the below points:

  • Work on your Bio: At the very beginning step, work on your bio. Avoid sound robotic and put a little glimpse of you. I write like “Lifestyle+Travel Blogger, Pathfinder of 20’s souls:, work inquiry:“. It helps you to create a community or loyal following who shares the same interest with you.
  • Improve your picture quality: As I have already said, pretty pictures are the key to crack the Instagram code. I take my Blog and Instagram photos with my phone or DSLR camera. I bought a very budget friendly camera Canon EOS1300d and it is working great. If you are looking for a cheap yet perfection in a camera, I swear Canon EOS1300d won’t disappoint you.

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  • Keep the consistency alive: There are more than 600,000,000 monthly active users on Instagram. To stand among them, you have to keep alive your consistency. Don’t just post and disappear for one week, it may cause a terrible impact on your account. If you can’t produce 2-3 pictures in a day, just post at least a quality of picture every day.
  • Engage with your tribe: Do you know the truth behind Instagram engagement? Instagram engagement is not only the count of your received comments, it is also about how much you engage with other accounts too.
  • Use relevant hashtags: I always say, you can’t deny the power of hashtags while growing your Instagram account. Hashtags connect you with your tribe and help you to build your brand.

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As you have understood what you need to do before monetizing your Instagram, now let’s rock n roll with the ways of how to make money on Instagram.

Practical Ways to Make Money On Instagram:

Make money on Instagram

1# Affiliate Marketing:

Have you ever thought of Instagram can be a great platform for Affiliate Marketing? I never believed until I made my first $45 of commission using promoting Affiliate links on Instagram. It is very easy and simple, you can just post your favorite #ootd and promote your affiliate links to your followers. The most important factor you should always keep in mind that never spam your followers. Your Affiliate post should always acknowledge products of your niche. I share Lifestyle and travel related products via my Instagram and I always stick to my niche whenever I promote my Affiliate links, I can’t afford to lose the trust of my followers.

Currently, I am using Rakuten Affiliate, Share A Sale, ShopStyle collective to connect with merchants of my niche. If you are a travel blogger/ influencer. I have a gift for you: List of 20 Affiliate Sites for travel bloggers.

Make money on Instagram

Tip: Affiliate links are longer than usual. You can shorten it using . Longer URL never looks good on Instagram and it may look spam to your followers sometimes.

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Everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing

2# Sponsored post:

This is the major way to make money on Instagram and more than 32% of users are earning more than $100,000 per year via sponsored posts on Instagram.

Having a great following and engagement but still not landed on a sponsored post?

What are brands looking for:

A loyal relationship between you and your followers is the key to land on a sponsored post. Brands look at how your followers are engaged with your contents, are they interested in your contents, how likely they ask questions about your contents. That is why you are paid to be an influencer for a brand, your opinions are respected by your followers and you have been successful to influence them with your honest reviews.

How to reach brands:

Today, there are many third-party platforms which connect influencers with brands. All you need to do is just make your account and apply for campaigns.

I am here to make your work easier, a FREEBIE with 100 networks which will help you to monetize your online work. This FREEBIE includes 20- Affiliate platforms, 20- Sponsored post networks, 20-Paid Guest Blogging platforms, 20-Selling platforms and 20- Advertising networks.

Make money on Instagram

Sounds cool?

Grab your copy here with Download Free 100-networks-to-join-for-paid-blogging-opportunities e-book.pdf

When the opportunity doesn’t knock at the door, build one. :) Another way to reach a brand is pitching directly to the brand. Yes, It works almost 70% of the time. You can follow some hashtags #Influencerswanted #Bloggerswanted etc to find out some sponsored opportunity or you can directly send an email to your favorite brands.

If you stuck in words, Guess what? I have another exciting FREEBIE for you: A Free sponsored post DM/e-mail template to pitch yourself. Make a list of your favorite brands, follow them and engage with their Instagram to stand out among crowds.

Make money on Instagram

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Grab your FREE copy and start pitching your favorite brands with your media kit. Don’t forget to share the good news with me whenever you land on one :). I swear I will be more than happy :)

Tip: Never afraid to be rejected while pitching to brand. I don’t even remember how many times I was rejected and my emails were bounced. But, rejection doesn’t mean you are bad, maybe they are looking for something else. So, take every rejection easy and continue your improvement process as an active influencer.

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3# Selling your own stuff on Instagram:

Instagram is such a multidirectional platform!! Yes, you can even sell your products via Instagram. Whether it is a small e-course or your self-clicked photographs, you can earn a few extra dollars by selling your products on Instagram. Never underestimate the power of your loyal following. Instagram has always been a very faithful network between buyers and sellers. I have seen many Etsy sellers using Instagram as a successful selling platform.

4# Paid advertising and shoutout:

Instagram has introduced a very useful feature “Swipe up”. When you have a large following and active Instagram user, your stories are seen by many people around. You can earn a few dollars by advertising other accounts. On the basis of your views, you can set a price for your story promotion with a “Swipe up” feature.

Tip: Never sell yourself at a lower price than you deserve. Whenever you feel about losing a client after setting a price, just recall how hard you worked to build your Instagram account.

These are my top 4 ways to monetize Instagram. If you would like to add any point to this list, please comment down below. I would love to expand this list of make money using Instagram and learn some new tactics to grow :).

Are you ready to monetize your Instagram account? If you have any question regarding this post, please feel free to DM me on my Instagram @Kiyashmi , I will be happy to help you.





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