Things you shouldn’t do while making a famous Insta account

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Are you a Instachic like me?? Swear this is my favorite social media. When I feel depressed I use Instagram, I am eating I do Instagram even when I am sleepy I do Instagram. Sometimes I think what would I do without it. I have been using Instagram since almost  2 years and now it is my primary platform to publish everything happens in my daily life. I must say, it has influenced me  lot. I never thought a social media can bring so many changes to my life and I actually discovered the stronger version of me. During this period, I learnt few things that I shouldn’t do while using Instagram. I wish if somebody had ever told me these things I could probably save lot more time and could have grown faster. Therefore I decided to share with you few things that you shouldn’t do if you are thinking to collect followers. And remember friends, collecting followers is most and mot important if you are establishing your own brand or you are an influencer.

I remember what happened with me when I was a baby Instagrammar. At one point I literally thought it is not going to work for me. But as it is said Suffering is the rain of wisdom and experience, I discovered where I was going wrong.

Here I have shared the progress of my profile when I avoided to do those mistakes.


I know most of you have already given up on Instagram but hey, its not so tough to give up on. You just need to reduce the stupid mistakes you are doing.

Things you shouldn’t do while making a famous Instagram account-

  1. An anonymous  photo identity: If you are a new Instagram user and you are uploading some downloaded picture on your account, you gotta stop this. Even if you have grown some followers, introduce yourself to the community and introduce your work or passion. You shouldn’t upload the picture of your favorite actress, flower or food. It makes your account look  fake.
  2. Don’t stay silent: No, its not gonna grow if you stay silent. You need to interact with people and appreciate them occasionally. You see a famous picture on Instagram and think ” Wow, she looks so pretty in this picture” and you just double tap it and scroll down. If you wanna get like her take one more step. Go to the comment box and appreciate her. You shouldn’t appreciate her like “great pic” or “nice pic”. Its not gonna work because you won’t be visible among hundreds of comment like that. Make your comment specific “Hey, the dress suits you. red must be your color”. Then your comment will be on highlight and other people gonna open your profile and may follow you.
  3. Negative comments and unacceptable DM’s: I was about to leave Instagram because of this. I got so pissed off with such cheapness and I thought can never deal with that. Then I realized leaving Instagram for such stupid reason will be a foolish thing and I calmed down myself. Instagram is a social media and you will find all kind of people there. Its up to you , how will you gonna deal with that. Best thing, ignore and concentrate on your own work.

Now, refresh your mind and go back to your Instagram account. Avoid doing these mistakes if you truly wanna grow your Instagram account. Don’t lose hope and patience guys. It may take time but once you grow your profile it is gonna have a lots and lots of impact on your brand and career.

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    Hi Kiyashi,

    Thanks for the inputs, I really empowered by your article. I learned now my mistakes. 🙂

    1. Hello,
      I am so glad to have you in my Blog. Thank you so much and yes, Social media is so important to grow our Blogs. I will definitely come up with some more ideas.
      Keep loving @A compass for life. 🙂

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  3. *This really answered my problem, thank you!

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