Tips to Take Your Blog Photography To Next Level

One of the most commonly asked questions by my readers is regarding my Blog and social media photography. Yes, photographs are attractions of your Blog or social media channels. It may pains you sometimes but the fact is even if you have an amazing content, but if your photographs are not attractive it doesn’t fall in your favor. Especially if you run a lifestyle, fashion, travel or a beauty blog, photography is a huge part of it. I have been blogging for the last couple of months and I can’t express how flattered I am whenever you guys compliment my photos. So today I am going to share my 10 favorite tips on Blog photography. On that note, please keep in mind that I am no way an expert, I am not professionally trained in photography too. That’s what I love about blogging, every day I am learning something new and photography is definitely a major mark of it.

If you have been following me on Instagram, you probably know that I am a big fan of flat-lay photographs. Most of the pictures I share in my Blog are flat-lay. If you want to learn more about my flat-lay photography tips, have a look at my recently published article at superble: 5 Amazing Tips To Click A Fabulous Flay-lay Photograph.

Before getting into it, I have something to say for newbies. I still remember when I started clicking pictures for my Blog. Honestly, it was horrible, I traveled to some awesome places but failed to capture the serene views. I understand that feeling is truly frustrating but it takes time to learn it. So just be patient and keep learning. I am still experimenting and I know I have miles way to go.

I am still not digging up to the depth of technical stuff, my photographs are mainly focused on lights, backdrops, composition, and editing.

My favorite tips to Take Your Blog Photography To Next Level:

Blog photography

1# Natural light is the best light ever:

The title says it all. Natural light is the key. There are two ways to find out the perfect balanced light The best weather to click a photograph is a cloudy day or you can also click it in the morning before the sunrise. Direct harsh sunlight doesn’t fall in the favor of your desired output. Also, it restricts you to play during editing time. So, if you are clicking a self-portrait, the window light is the best light. I am putting it as a very first point because lighting can make or break your photos. The natural light can make your photos 1000 times better than artificial lighting.

2# A great background:

The things behind you matter in a good photograph. As I belong to Assam, I can easily find the color green for outdoor shoots. For my travel photographs, it works perfectly. But whenever I want to highlight my outfit, I would love to go for a plain background or a solid color. A white wall is always welcomed on my blog or Instagram feed. Another thing I learned is never to underestimate the symmetry of the background. Especially for Instagram feed, it doesn’t look good.

Recently I posted a self-shot portrait on my Instagram and I have received many queries regarding that photograph. If you are clicking in selfie mode, make sure the background is plain or organized. I couldn’t find a plain wall in my home so I decided to take a white bedsheet and hang it on my window. Look at the outcome below. If you want to be more creative with your self-shot pictures or videos, you can purchase some very affordable backdrops from Amazon. I am mentioning some of my favorite backdrops below that can make your indoor pictures stand out.

If you have a plain wall at your home, you can make it photogenic by adding some cheap yet beautiful elements:

it may be a dreamcatcher, wall hanging or some wall stickers :)

3# Its all about the composition:

This is the most fun part about Blog photography or social media photography. Composing pictures with colors and elements is very important. For example, a cup of coffee and a magazine can make your perfect morning picture. For a travel photograph, a book, a Polaroid, a hat can be a big enhancement. You are all allowed to go creative and take multiple shots, trust me it’s super fun :)

These are some of my Flat-lay composition:

4# The last but not the least: Editing

For me, editing is the most important for blog photography. Editing is the best way to remake your picture exactly how you want. Play with the RGB curve, make it sharp and turn the picture out as you wanted. Behind all my pictures, there is one editing app that I like the most: Lightroom CC. This app allows me to play with the colours around. If you have noticed the trendy “Orange and teal” pictures on Instagram and want your feed to be that bright, you must use Lightroom CC. I have been using Beart presets for my Instagram feed and I am loving the outcome.

blog photography

Blog photography 

Beart has launched their trendy “Orange and Teal” preset at the cheapest price, ie $19. I have found it totally worthy as I can get my desired pictures at just one click.


Beart presets also have many other preset bundles like “Portrait perfection”, “travel and landscape”, “Lovestory collection” and many more. So pick your favorite one and build a professional looking Blog and Social channels.

Do you want to give a free trial before investing a few dollars?

Click Here to Download the breart-lightroom presets for FREE

These are some glimpses of Breart FREE presets:

Are you excited to click create some beautiful photographs? So I am. Another thing I would love to share with you is: always create photos that reflect your personality. On social media or blog, people follow you for being who you are. I am all about a happy girl in my twenties and I can’t express my happiness when someone appreciates me for my happy-looking pictures. Your storytelling, bright, vibrant and colorful photographs are the visual existence of your soul and personality. So don’t be afraid to go chilly stupid with an ice-cream cone.

[ Do let me know if you have any question or request regarding this post on Blog photography. You can drop it below the comment box or shoot me a DM over my IG handle @Kiyashmi. Join the movement of taking Social media or blog photography to next level by adding #twentiesandlifestyle on your pictures. I would love to see how it has turned and give you a shout out on my Insta stories. :) ]


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