Top 10 Packing List Items You Must Bring To Your Campsites: 2018


Do you love outdoor adventures? I am a big fan of it. Being a Travel Blogger outdoor adventures have always been my favorite. After all, it gives me a chance to live a life with nature and enjoy the serene peace of it. During this hurry and excitement of camping, we normally forget to bring some of our most needed essentials. Well, preparation is very necessary to enjoy camping. By putting all the necessary supplies that you use in your daily life can make your experience better.  This article is for all the outdoor adventure lovers who really need a checklist for their next trip. I believe the camping checklist depends on your campsites. So, according to your requirement, just add items from this camping checklist and make your next outdoor adventure as the greatest memory. 



Tent :

Let’s start from the shelter. A well-designed and comfortable tent can make your outdoor adventure time truly memorable.

-While buying a great tent for your camping adventures make sure you have a tent that you can easily pitch. Because the tent is not the thing to buy for your very next adventure. Therefore durability and flexibility to survive at any of your destinations must be your very first preference.

-your tent should have water-resistant cover in it. No matter whether nature doesn’t fall in your favor or not, your water-resistant tent will protect you during your outdoor adventure.

-Comfort-ability is definitely preference of every traveler. So, make sure you have enough space to spend a great time at your campsites and also enjoy it with full of comfort.

-A great comfortable groundsheet, spacious tent and provisions of windows or ventilation should be in your tent.

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Sleeping bag : 

As we have started from Shelter, sleeping bag is the next item that popped up in my mind. A comfortable sleeping bag is very necessary for a comfortable camping. Sometime whether forecast may go wrong and you have to survive some cold breezing days in your campsites.

Buying a sleeping bag which is flexible with summer, winter or autumn seasons is definitely a smart choice.

-During your outdoor adventures, you have to carry a lot of weights. So, make sure you have a sleeping bag that is light in weight and doesn’t add too many loads in your camping gear.

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Lantern and Flashlight : 

Your camping is not going to be ended in sunlight. You should definitely bring one or two lantern and flashlights for your outdoor adventures checklist. It will definitely help you to get rid of the midnight snacks and let the night goes like a day. In this regard, do not forget to bring extra fuel and high-quality battery for longer durability. 

Stove for cooking : 

Cooking is another fun part of your camping. You definitely cannot carry a gas stove along with you during your outdoor adventures. A stove with kerosene wick can be your camping friend at that time. Make sure you have a leak-proof kerosene tank stove along with lightweight. Now you can cook your favorite food and enjoy a great meal with it.

Portable campfire grill : 

Whenever we talk about campsite foods, grilled foods definitely hit our brain. Well, who doesn’t want to taste some smoky roasted food during their outdoor adventures? A portable grill is all you need to enjoy that moment. While buying a campfire grill for your campsites, make sure you buy one that is easy to carry, safe and light in weight. I am sure the scene of eating grilled food along with your friends and family is now running around your head. So don’t wait to buy it.

Portable spice rack :

When you have an organized kitchen at your home, why to suffer at your campsites? In a portable spice rack, you can carry all your essential spices and salt to make some delicious camping foods. So, it is time for you to throw a portable spice rack in your camping bag and make some mouth-watering meals with it.

First aid box : 

I am sure you have an idea of must happen consequences of outdoor adventures. Whether it is cuts, cramps or burns, you have to go through these physically. I think it is very essential to carry a first aid box in your camping essentials to survive with these consequences. A first aid box is a very smart and important thing to be picked for your campsites. Make sure you have all the primary cures inside the box and the bottom line: Never go for a camping without a first aid box. Your health and body is the first thing you need to take care of and it cannot be possible without a first aid box. Buy one with lightweight and enjoy your camping fully.

Maps and compass :

You may be thinking of the GPS system of your smartphone right now. But you can never be sure about the signals. Most of the campsites are in some high mountains or inside a dark forest. In this kind of spots, it is very hard to get a signal and run the GPS on your smartphone. To avoid such kind of unexpected situations, it is important to carry some navigation essentials with you. I strongly recommend you to carry a map of your campsite and a compass in your camping checklist which is more reliable than your smartphone navigation system. Be a smart traveler and buy it right away.

Personal essentials : 

We all have some products in our lifestyle without which we cannot imagine a single day. Wait, what? You may have a long list in your head but it is the time to compact it and organize it in your portable organizer. Being a female traveler, I have a lot of things to carry. In this regard, I just want to give you a small advice from my personal experience. You don’t need to bring a 200 ml of moisturizer in your bag. It will just add some extra weight. All you need to do is:

Buy some small containers where you can bring required quantity for your camping. 

-Whether it is face-wash, moisturizer or a hand-washer, just drop the required amount

-Label them as well to avoid any confusion. 

It is time for you to be a smart traveler and play with your camping checklist.

Rope : 

Last but definitely not the least one is rope. Rope can really be a great help during your camping. Whether it is to hang your wet clothes, climb a mountain or to save someone, a rope can be really very helpful. Don’t underestimate the power of this small element while planning for your next outdoor adventure. It needs a very small space in your backpack and it is very light in weight.

These are the primary essentials to carry to your next campsites. Besides of these 10, there are some things you should definitely carry while planning your next trip. Such as, some boxes of matchsticks, axes, knives, large water jugs, plates, spoons, slippers, your essential clothes, whistles, candles, musical instruments, enough money, credit cards, your identity cards, tissue papers and many more things that you cannot avoid.

Now tell me, what is your most-needed camping essential?


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